6 Great Use Cases for Cold and Hot Strip Door Containment

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Protecting the products from any kind of external contamination, creating a safe and comfortable working environment for employees, and regulating the temperature for energy savings are top priorities for any competitive company today. Ensuring all of this is very difficult and also expensive. However, installing strip door curtains at your commercial or industrial setting is one of the most effective and economical ways to prevent inclement weather, dust, noise, and insects from harming your inventory or staff. In addition to that, these cold and hot strip door curtains also save you a huge sum of money on energy costs by preventing the loss of cold or hot air, based on your application.

At TRAX, we manufacture strip door curtains for all kinds of applications, ranging from a small personal door in your manufacturing area or walk-in cooler to immensely big warehouses and locking dock doors of your facility. In this blog, we will brief you about the 6 great use cases for cold and hot strip door containment.

Data Centers

A gigantic amount of energy is consumed every day in order to maintain a moderate intake of temperature to the IT equipment. Strip door curtains have practically transformed the way how data centre containment is carried out in IT facilities across the world. In server rooms and IT equipment rooms, these curtains help to regulate the temperature by pushing the cold air to the front of the server bay and hot exhausted air at the rear. The curtains also ensure separation between the cold and hot air in an order that the hot flow can be conducted to the cooler before being re-injected into the server room. Thus, by reducing the cooling energy required to maintain the server at the desired temperature, these curtains help to reduce energy cost by at least 25%.

Food Production Facility

A food production facility requires very specific and specialized environment safety requirements in order to prevent problems arising from sanitation, contamination, fire and so on. Strip door curtains function as the perfect temporary walls for a food production facility, which are designed to easily slide open and remain out of the way when they aren’t used. Since these curtains create separate paths for cold and hot air, they remove the need to heat or cool unused area. Strip door curtains will help your facility cross-contamination between processing lines and equipment, in addition to controlling the pest infestation.  Since these curtains will boost your sanitation significantly, the number of washdown cycles required will drop to a minimum – helping you save on the water bills as well.


Any kind of damage to the warehouse will lead to a great loss to any manufacturing or production unit. Prone to hazards, warehouses are one of the most integral parts of any firm. Unlike the rigid walls and doors, strip door curtains offer a cost-effective way to divide sections at your workspace, especially where the control of your environment is essential. These curtains facilitate easy movement of people and equipment, while also enhancing the visibility of the surrounding. These curtains can be used to block the noisy part of the warehouse, insulate and cool a certain section, or divide the entire layout based on specific functions.

Industrial Factories

A comfortable and efficient layout is extremely important to industrial factories, but a permanent, brick-and-mortar layout is not always practical and economic. The strip door curtain is the economic answer to several problems that may arise in an industrial space. These curtains help in the easy partition of work areas. This separation helps to create a more lean and specific production area. It helps to seal off noisy areas, create more usable spaces, and block unused areas. These curtains also protect the workers and equipment from fumes, smoke, fire, dust, noise and containment. Thus, it is safe to say that strip door curtains offer a flexible, more comfortable, and efficient working environment.  

Forklift Warehouses

Strip door curtains allow the quick entry and exit of the forklift traffic through the curtain walls. These flexible and customized curtains deliver an effective environmental barrier between outdoors or indoors or from one working zone to another. Available in clear vinyl materials, these curtains ensure that the operators on both sides can see through to others. This highly helps to prevent accidental collisions and hazards that could have taken place with solid colour forklift curtains. These strip door curtains are created to mount away from roll up drums so that mounting is quicker and faster.

Walk-in Freezer or Cooler

A walk-in freezer or cooler is most probably one of the largest line items in any facility’s energy usage. Industrial curtains are a fast and inexpensive alternative, which will create a barrier that will help you insulate your freezer. It will reduce the amount of cold air loss when the doors are opened and prevent your refrigeration system from working overtime. This will eventually help to save energy and reduce electricity bills. On top of that, these curtains also serve as an effective barrier against pest infestation, dust, fumes, and contamination. While traditional doors are more time-consuming, strip door curtains allow for seamless passing of people and equipment without having to open or close a door.

TRAX data center containment solutions are currently being used by some of the most recognized names in the high tech world.
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