Airport Efficiency Unveiled: The Magic of Draft Curtains in Air Travel

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Every airport across the world sees thousands of passengers and their luggage daily. Many bags are checked and transferred to their respective owners every single day. This time-consuming task requires a streamlined system and the necessary equipment. A variety of equipment is used to streamline this process including sortation devices, carousals, and auxiliary equipment. Airport Draft Curtains fall under the category of auxiliary equipment. These curtains are mounted in wall openings at airports where luggage conveyors pass from any public area to a non-public area. Air Draft Curtains serve as an effective invisible barrier in traditional conveyor operations. Air Draft curtains are installed in multiple places like in the passenger boarding bridge, for boarding and disembarkation at the gates that directly open to the tarmac, and even for small conveyor belt openings.

Airports require different kinds of doors and almost every door requires an air draft curtain with certain features. You have to consider a few things while selecting an air draft curtain like durability, ease of installation, availability of replacement strips, and credibility of the brand. There are many airport equipment companies specializing in the manufacture of airport draft curtains.

Let’s take a look at a few advantages of Air Draft Curtains:

  • Helps Reduce Energy Costs


Traditional doors, when opened and closed constantly, result in substantial energy loss. Air Draft Curtains are invisible barriers that prevent the external air from flowing inside and restrict the indoor air outflow. This results in a reduction in wear and tear of the cooling or heating system. Thus, you can save up on energy bills. They can seal up various areas and reduce the workload on ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems. 

  • Promotes Clean Environment

Air curtains ensure a clean and healthy environment by restricting pollutants such as dust, pollen, and fumes from entering inside and infiltrating the environment. These curtains provide safety from external environments. Air draft curtains also provide insect control as maintenance, catering, and service vehicles enter inside or exit.

  • Easy Installation

Installing air draft curtains is a fairly easy process and is less time-consuming. Taking them down during repairs or renovations is also equally easy. They come with lightweight attachment materials and an easy-to-install mounting system.

  • Increased Safety:

Air Draft curtains are usually transparent, which is why they increase visibility and prevent collisions. These curtains facilitate easy exit in case of an emergency. They also act as a protective barrier against smoke. Air draft curtains serve as fire safety equipment too. They are mostly made of heavy-duty, flexible, and fire-resistant material, which is why they offer a balance between both smoke and fire prevention. 

  • Easy Configuration:

Air draft curtains are cheaper as compared to traditional ventilation systems and can be configured easily to fit in any space. Draft curtains can be crafted from different materials like metal sheets, glass smoke baffles, or fire-retardant fiberglass. But, flexible glass curtains are most commonly used, since such curtains can be installed or deployed as and when required without any hassles. These curtains can form a barrier in open wide spaces, like an airport. They don’t require walls or corner posts to hold or anchor them. These curtains are non-invasive and don’t require any remodeling or reconstruction to incorporate them into your current layout.

There are several air draft curtain manufacturers and suppliers in the market. It is however recommended to go for a company or manufacturer that offers test data in terms of their curtains. Make sure you get well acquainted with the design process. This will help you create a very beneficial solution for your particular project. Also, make sure you’re getting a good after-sales service from the company you decide to buy the curtains from, Be it a maintenance check or a technical issue, a company that works closely with the clients to gauge the performance and health of curtains, is recommended in the long run. 

Conclusion: Air draft curtains are a sustainable and cost-effective solution for keeping conditioned air confined inside and preventing insects or fumes from entering the area. A properly installed air curtain can help save a lot of money, by reducing the amount of heat loss via open doors. Thousands of people walk through the airport every single day. Air Draft Curtains are a valuable and safe addition to any airport. These curtains are great for airports, since they are non-invasive, can fit in any layout, and are easy to install. They protect the luggage from harmful fumes, dust, water, and noise and are used across the globe for baggage handling operations at the airport. Air Draft curtains at airports offer an arrangement that is ideal for baggage to easily pass through while obscuring the flow of air between any two areas within the airport premises.

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