Application of Heavy Duty Industrial Curtains

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Heavy-duty industrial curtains have become popular in recent days. They are used to create partitioned areas in halls, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other industrial areas. 

If you’re looking to preserve energy, prevent contamination, improve work efficiency, offer privacy, create controlled zones or ensure safety, the heavy-duty industrial curtains will do a perfect job. 

Trax fabricates heavy-duty industrial curtains using waterproof, durable, and oil-resistant heavy-duty industrial material. 

Different applications for industrial curtains can help you provide a barricade to protect against dust, smoke, paint spray, and other contaminants. 

With heavy-duty industrial curtains, you can partition your warehouse, prevent contamination, and protect your work environment. 

What are heavy-duty industrial curtains?

Heavy-duty industrial curtains are cost-effective barriers, partitions, or dividers that offer adjustable and flexible alternatives to permanent walls.    

Although they are often overlooked to boost the profitability and productivity of a business, separating work areas can be impactful in various ways, including:

  • Light and sun control
  • Provides security, privacy, and safety
  • Climate or humidity control
  • Noise control
  • Dust or fume containment
  • Machine or parts segregation
  • Temperature separation
  • Storage area e.t.c.

Trax’s high-quality, heavy-duty industrial curtains can be used across several work areas and factory applications. Keep reading to know more about these applications.

Medical Curtain Walls

Did you know that you can transform your facility into a temporary shelter, hospital triage, or distribution area for essential supplies in case of a global health pandemic or a natural disaster? 

You can create flexible spaces with industrial curtains without costly and permanent construction. 

Welding divider curtains and screens

Segregate your welding areas and protect yourself and your employees from harmful ultraviolet light, sparks, and fumes. The heavy-duty industrial curtains are fabricated in such a way that they make task and space separation easy, maximizing productivity and safety. 

Warehouse Partition Curtains

A heavy-duty warehouse divider curtain is your perfect choice if you’re looking to divide your entire warehouse or section into a specific work area.

It allows you to control dust, noise, traffic fumes, and other particles for a safer and more functional workplace. 

Wash Bay Curtains

If you own a wash bay that uses industrial materials or power washing on vehicles, you might have to deal with the challenges of overspray, dust, and dirt spray. 

You can contain the washdowns in your wash bay with either one, two, three, or four-sided wash bay curtain enclosure. 

You can add your advertising, logo, or branding for a professional and slick look. 

Garage divider curtains

Work environments with vehicles or machinery can sometimes become chaotic, cramped, and noisy. With heavy-duty industrial garage divider curtains, you can partition different sections of your workflow area and separate particular machinery or vehicles from the other production areas. 

Airport draft curtains

Every day, airports receive thousands of passengers and luggage. The airport draft curtains are used in handling luggage and typical conveyor applications. These curtains are secured in wall openings where the luggage conveyor passes, delivering a delightful aesthetic finish.

Laser barrier curtains

The laser barrier curtains contain beams and lasers in a specific place and allow safe observation of the lasers from outside. They offer protection from stray rays and high temperatures. 

They can be applied in various areas, including laser control rooms, dental and surgical operating rooms, etc.

Strip Curtains

Strip curtains are an efficient and cost-effective option for dust control and temperature control issues. 

They allow you to avoid unnecessary cold or heat loss every time a loading dock door or overhead door is opened.  

The strip curtains offer easy personnel and vehicle traffic access while reducing temperature loss and movement of dust, fumes, and other particles. 

They can be easily secured to door lentils, walls, loading dock shelters, or incorporated into fabric shelters.

Climate curtains

Climate curtain wall systems use double or triple fabric layers to reduce temperature loss. They offer efficient partitioning walls for rooms that need consistent climate control by containing and controlling cold air temperatures in large facilities. 

A heavy-duty industrial climate curtain is suitable for manufacturing, food processing, storage, losing docks, and other indoor and outdoor applications. 

Basically, they offer a practical, long-lasting, and cost-effective way to manage your warehouse. 

Insulated Curtains

Insulated curtains have an insulated fabric that keeps warm air from leaving or entering through the windows. 

The heavy-duty industrial insulated curtains maintain your workspace’s constant temperature by slowing or stopping the movement of heat energy from warm to cool areas.

These curtains come in different thicknesses, patterns, and durability, and they comprise:

  • Reflective film directing heat back to the room
  • High-density foam blocks sound waves and heat exchange
  • Inner lining protection and a decorated outer layer
  • Reflective vapor barrier which blocks moisture

Sound curtains

Heavy-duty industrial sound shield curtains are made from sound absorbing and dampening materials to keep noise at safe levels. 

Besides making workplace communication understandable, they prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

Sound curtains are perfect for soundproofing warehouses, auditoriums, industrial machinery, and many other industrial areas.  

Why Choose Trax heavy-duty industrial curtains

At Trax, we understand what it takes to fabricate durable water and oil-resistant heavy-duty industrial curtains. 

Our curtains are custom designed for any space and size and are simple to install and use. 

Our curtain walls let you do what traditional curtains can’t. They give you the comfort of placing barriers wherever you need them, creating extra spaces whenever needed. 

Whether you are looking to enclose a machine, close a door, or create a dividing wall, we can custom-design a heavy-duty industrial curtain according to your requirements and specifications.

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