Benefits of Welding Screen and Curtains—how they keep welders safe

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One of the crucial defense mechanisms for the welders, welding screen and curtains, is widely popular in brick and mortar businesses. Be it a workshop or places where welding is required; a welding screen comes real handy when carrying out the welding process. The welding curtain helps the welder to work with precision with no external disturbance.

The welding screen prevents sparks from reaching more than its working vicinity and protects welders from work accidents. Here we discuss the benefits of welding screens and curtains and keeping welders safe in a workplace.

Protects the welder

The foremost priority of every workplace is to be safe from any mishaps and accidents, and a welding curtain does that competently. Welding is demanding work that requires the full attention of the welder. Welding releases a significant amount of UV lights that are high in temperature. These sparks of UV light can cause fatal accidents like burning and blinding an eye. So a welding screen and curtains eliminate such accidents with its PVC material, which is highly heat resistant.  

Furthermore, the heavy-duty built of welding screens prevents sparks and other debris from dispersing in other work areas. This provides safety to other workers in the same vicinity of the workplace.

Works as an effective ventilator

Welding produces a considerable amount of fumes, which directly affects the welder’s health. Therefore, a welding room needs to have proper ventilation as an outlet for those fumes. A permanent wall or room isn’t quite capable of achieving effective ventilation when compared with the custom PVC welding screens.

When used along with proper ventilating components like respirators, cooling fans and air purifiers, the welding curtains help minimize air microbes in the welding area. This creates a safe, breathing environment both inside and outside of the designated welding area.

Easy sectioning of the welding area

Welding requires a safe and separate area in a workplace. The sparks and noise that come with welding can hamper day-to-day activities inside a facility. So the facility has to allocate a separate place for welding. It isn’t always possible to build a separate room inside a facility when there’s a limitation in space and budget. Therefore, a welding screen is the best alternative to a permanent wall for making a welding area.

The welding screen has a wider advantage over the permanent walls on several grounds. They provide easy access to the welding area. Entering and exiting won’t be a hassle when you have a welding curtain installed. They are portable, and mobility won’t be any concern in the workplace. Often facilities relocate working space once in a while, so it is the most viable alternative to a permanent room.

Regulating of temperature in the workplace

Welding produces extreme heat (about 6300 degrees Fahrenheit). This kind of temperature not only raises the welding area temperature but of the entire working space. Working in a tropical environment directly affects the productivity of a worker. Also, the chances of causing working hazard increases when the temperature is high.

Installing a welding curtain encapsulates heat only in the welding section area and doesn’t affect the total working area. The thick PVC material keeps the heat only in the designated area of the welding area. And if you have installed an air conditioner in the working area, then the welding curtain prevents leaking of cold area inside the welding chamber.

Prevents harmful fumes from spreading

The fumes and chemical are some byproducts of welding. They are a threatening aspect of welding, which causes long-term illness to everyone who comes in contact. A welder wears appropriate gears while welding to minimize the potential harm that comes from these fumes. However, not all the people in the working place wear special gears. Hence there’s the need for welding curtains in a workplace.

The welding curtain acts as an enclosure to trap the harmful fumes and chemicals inside the welding zone. Along with other preventing appliances such as ventilator and purifiers, the welding screen plays an important role in minimizing negative health effects caused because of welding.

It gives privacy to the welder.

As mentioned before, welding is a task of precision and attention. So, frequent disturbance because of passerby and other works can cause a disturbance in the welder’s job. Thus, privacy is a must when welding.

A welding screen separates the welder from other workplace happenings, thus helping them focus on their art. It helps in letting the person focus on his work without having to worry about anyone approaching.

These vinyl curtains are opaque and effectively block both UV lights and the vision of outsiders (people outside the welding area).

Reduces Noise

Welding is a high tenacity work, and loud noise is normal in a welder’s profession. To prevent hearing damage, a welder wears earplugs to protect their ears from metal grindings. However, welding noise is hard to confine without reaching other sections of the working place.

A welding curtain helps filter the loud noise produced during welding and doesn’t cause sound pollution for other workers. Even though it doesn’t make the workplace fully soundproof, the difference with welding curtain installation can be significantly noticed.

Also, the curtain filters noise coming from outside while the welder is ongoing with the work. Distractions from outside are minimized when there’s a welding screen in the facility.

It has been made mandatory in several industries to install a PVC welding screen when considering the employees’ health and safety in a facility. We all know how hazardous the fumes and sparks from welding are for every person’s health. Research has shown that long-term sickness and cancer-causing elements are present in the welding process’s byproducts. To minimize such catastrophic fatalities, the use of welding screen and curtain should be emphasized in every industry.

Welding screens and curtains come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Here at Trax Industrial curtains, we have wide ranges of curtains that befits every industrial requirement, be it for welding screens or clean rooms. You can reach us through our live chat or call us if you have any queries.

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