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TRAX Clean Room Curtains

provide an economical alternative to high priced hardwall structures without compromising results. 

Variety and flexibility describe TRAX softwalls and strip curtains. Our large assortment of materials and attachment methods insures customers will receive exactly what is needed to get the job done right. Each curtain is custom made for each controlled environment application. All TRAX Clean Room Curtain products are compatible with our exclusive SealTech attachment system.


In addition to our standard, crystal clear,  fire-retardant  vinyl, other materials available from TRAX for Clean Room applications include both white and black opaque PVC for 'blackout' or 'light safe' environments, and our unique 80 Mil, 8” wide Clearwall strip material with the patented Tear Drop Edge. Most all of our Clean Room curtain materials are available in both standard and ESD Safe formats. Either low or non outgassing materials are available for applications in which PVC based material is unacceptable.


One of the most useful styles of Clean Room Curtains TRAX offers is the sliding track curtain, available in both traditional and accordion style. The track that supports the curtains is made of light weight anodized aluminum which can be either ceiling or wall mounted. TRAX can also provide stainless steel track for those applications requiring a more heavy duty material.