Increase in Cloud based systems and Data Center usage since lockdown, and why data center containment is critical

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The projected growth for the demand of data centers has surged beyond everyone’s thoughts due to lockdown. With most of the businesses catering their services and products online, the need for a high functioning data center is increasing all around the world. Industry executives have claimed that the remote working of professionals has been crucial in making companies functional for the time being. This too relates to the increasing need for cloud-based systems and data center usage since lockdown.

So, what are the causes of such need in the increase of cloud-based systems and data centers?


Day to Day functioning


Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has already declared that their employees will be working from home through June 30, 2021. Companies big as google aren’t taking any risks with COVID, so every company will be wary of their decision and will follow Google’s lead. The functioning of businesses, in some cases, have proven to be even better when their employees are working from home.

This massive digital workforce of thousands of companies is one of the primary reasons for the surge in need for cloud-based systems and data centers. Founders and directors have stated that even if things go back to normal, the need for a data center won’t decline due to their new emphasis on digitizing business.


Larger companies emphasizing digitization


The Year 2020 has been a milestone on how a business operates when a dire emergency occurs. The actions taken by the companies will be seen as a benchmark of how the 21st century transformed itself into a digital ecosystem. 

Businesses like banks all around the world are now catering their clients through mobile banking. E-commerce sites have been aggressive with their services more than ever, and their results have proven that too.

Companies have realized that selling their services and products online is far more cost-effective than putting up a brick and mortar shop. This massive depository of their portfolios, products, and client’s data with information requires a more extensive database which means, need for storage expansion in data centers.


Increase of Mobile Applications


Companies these days want to show presence as much as they can in their customer’s reach. This proximity has been achieved through smartphones and its applications. Be it paying off mortgages or booking an air ticket; nearly everything is possible with mobile applications. So, the increased usage of cloud-based systems is a must for the developers.


Investment in Artificial Intelligence


It might be a general case that small and medium businesses have applied digitization to their work, but it won’t be sufficient enough for them to compete against large companies. What companies require is a backup plan for their businesses to be proactive in future. Companies need these plans for every business, be it automatizing or remote monitoring. And, AI can be the answer to that problem.

AI systems will help in determining how efficient a company can be when stockpiling, manufacturing and minimizing future disruptions.

Before the COVID, the containment of the data center was only limited to its equipment loads, airflow patterns and energy-saving measurement. But, due to COVID, a surge in demands for storage and workplace hygiene along with protection from pollutants and air-microbes is something data center operators shouldn’t undermine.


Now that we realize the increasing demands for data centers, we need to know why data center containment is critical.

Containment helps in separating cold supply airflow from the hot air coming out of equipment exhaust. Furthermore, it helps in saving your additional costs of cooling by reducing energy consumption.


Improves performance


A well-contained data center has relatively significant high performance and efficiency. The containment gives longevity and better performing equipment. Containment such as hot aisle will separate both hot and cold exhaust emitted from the server racks. It also allows lower cooling unit for fan speeds and decommissions redundancy in cooling units.


Balances energy for Cooling and feeding IT Equipment


An efficient containment keeps the energy percentage minimum when cooling the data center. The data center can divert the rest of the saved energy to feed its IT equipment, making them economical. Containment is a prominent method for cost reduction during operation of the data center.


Minimizes risks and cooling system failures


A standardized containment not only helps in further expansion but also guarantees reliability and minimizes design redundancy which moderates the chances of failure in cooling systems.


Provides more capacity for expansion


A suitable layout containment features a further expansion of the data center efficiently. Instead of adding more mechanical cooling, containment helps in raising the delta T, which is more cost-effective. Also, it allows IT equipment such as blade servers to minimize power consumption whilst functioning as a computer.


Containment doors as a safety


A data center needs to meet specific criteria as required by the safety standards in the workplace. Sliding or swinging door configurations are often used in data center containment. PVC curtains are also popular these days due to their ease of access. These PVC curtains act as a door and keep the temperature constant with minimum air leak. If in case of emergency, employees can easily escape through these curtains.


Lower maintenance cost


Containment results in lower ownership cost by decreasing lower acquisition costs and fast response to deploy IT equipment.


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