Analysis: The Cost Difference between Clean Room and Mobile Clean Room

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The necessity of a purposive commodity gets us going out for the product that we keenly require. However, the pre-review on these commodities if done properly, can help us invest wisely in products without any regret. Same goes while choosing between a clean room and a mobile clean room. Both of these types of clean rooms have their own benefits, and we are here to help you choose the type of clean room as per your requirement.

Before diving into the cost difference between clean room and mobile clean room, here is a brief summary on both of these variants. 

Traditionally used in manufacturing or scientific research, a clean room is a controlled environment that generally has a lower level of pollutants like dust, aerosol particles, chemical vapors, and airborne microbes. These are used in practically every single industry where small particles can highly affect the manufacturing process. Varied in size and complexity, clean rooms are typically used in industries like semiconductor, manufacturing, bio tech, and life sciences. 

Similarly, mobile clean rooms are either a trailer that is outfitted as a cleanroom or a tailored modular hardwall clean fitted within a portable steel structure. Essentially, these cleanrooms are pretty much the same as traditional or modular clean rooms, but the difference lies in the fact that these are portable. Mobile clean rooms can be simply moved throughout the facility or to another location; thus, providing full clean room capabilities wherever required. 

Now, talking about the cost difference between clean rooms and mobile clean rooms, we must consider the cost factors which varies the prices in the installation of clean rooms. Factors such as size, application and compliance requirements play a significant role while pricing the installation of a clean room.


While comparing the cost difference between your usual cleanroom and the mobile clean room, the cost segmentation is as follows:

For a hard wall clean room with Acrylic walls of size 12x12x8H, the cost starts at $13000 without the filters, which are sold separately. As for a mobile clean room in the same area, it comes for a price tag of approximately $14000 which includes filters and lights too.

Basically, the price for clean room is based on its price per square foot. In the USA, the cost per square foot ranges from 100$ to 1000$ for a clean room. However, in countries like India, the price per square foot varies from INR Rs.800 to INRs 1500. 

But while comparing the price of entrenched clean rooms with that of mobile clean rooms, the mobile clean rooms are relatively cheaper than the clean rooms. However, if the purpose of the clean room is to be kept as a permanent facility then opting for a regular clean room can be effective and efficient in the long run.


As you can clearly see, the cost for a mobile clean room is relatively much more affordable than the textbook clean rooms. Unlike the clean room, the mobile clean room doesn’t include labour charge during installation due to its easy shifting features such as soft wall and vinyl curtains. However, the type of the clean room you need, whether it is conventional or mobile, depends entirely upon the nature of your industry and facility. 

What to consider when determining cost? 

The complete cost of ownership, in addition to operating costs, have to be considered when choosing between clean rooms and mobile clean rooms. It is almost impossible to find the price offered or currently prevailed in the market because there are several variables to be taken into consideration. Normally, there will be no catalogues available with prices for different models of clean room. In order to pay fair price without never-ending extras, a preliminary engineering has to be done. The producer will first evaluate your design and make mechanical and electrical calculations. 

If a supplier gives you price based simply on a per square foot basis without preliminary analyses, it unanimously means that a lot of extra charges will follow. In this case, the price will be like a snowball rolling down a snow-covered peak. 

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