Custom Manufacturing and Fabricated Strip Door Curtains

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 “The increasing maintenance cost in keeping the manufacturing facilities and laboratories cool is very high”. This is the type of statement we always hear from people who work or run the manufacturing facilities. But, when properly-being efficient, you can reduce these costs as per to your benefit. One of the major cost-effective methods is to install a strip door with proper vinyl curtains in your facility. These strip curtains not only make mobility inside your facility easy but also helps in cost minimization by maintaining the temperature as per one’s need.

These strip door curtains are the secondary barrier for your place, especially if you have a clean room. If you have a cooler or freezer appliances then strip door can help you to reduce the heater wear and filter maintenance cost by reducing the coil icing and elongating the shelf life for refrigerated products. The strip door is made up of overlapping Polyvinyl Chloride plastic strips which hangs down from the doorways.

 Advantages of a Strip Door Curtains

Cost-Effective Barriers

As the PVC strips are easy to maintain due to the individual fastening system, one can easily replace the damaged strips without having to dismantle the entire curtain.

Improves Energy Conservation

The X Factor of a strip door curtain is its efficiency in conserving energy. In contrary to traditional doors in the facilities, a strip door makes mobility easy without having to open or close the doorway. The strip doors are handy in areas like industrial workplaces where forklifts and loading vehicles are used.

Helps in reducing the pollution and noise levels

The strip door curtains help in keeping the areas clean by blocking the dust particles from entering the clean room. Partitioning is also another important use of the strip door curtains and is cost-effective than your usual aluminium or plywood partitioning.  The strip door curtains also drastically minimize the noise which improves the working environment in the workplace.

Areas of usage

When it comes to the areas of usage of the strip curtains, the scope is pretty wide. The strip door curtain is the solution for industries such as manufacturing, food service, agricultural, pharmaceutical, clean rooms, data centres, general trade and distribution among many others.

 Now that we know about the benefits of a strip door curtains and where it is used, let’s move unto the options available for choosing the kind of strip door curtains. Basically, you will have two types of strip door curtains to choose from. One is the fabricated strip door curtain and another is the customized strip door curtain. As their name suggests, the fabricated strip door curtain is the readymade strip door curtain which can be installed instantly in your place. The customized strip door curtain, however, is your choice of strip door curtain which is tailored specifically for your place to fit even better than the fabricated one.

The use of both types of the curtain is for improving cost-effective barrier to your operational costs. So making the choice easier, you need to know the pros and cons of choosing any one of these two.

Fabricated Strip Door Curtain

The fabricated strip door curtain is a ready-made strip curtain made from the vinyl plastic in the doorway. If your requirement is the same as the standard size of the doorways used in the facilities then fabricated strip door curtain can be the right choice for you.


The fabricated strip door curtain costs less than the customized strip door curtain.

The installation will be quick and easy due to the ready-made installation instructions.


Due to the ready-made feature without any exact measurement of the place where it is to be put, the curtains might not be properly fixed. So, get one only if you know the exact measurement of your doorway and place where it is to be put.

 Customized Strip Door Curtain

The customized strip door curtain is tailored made strip curtain which too is made from vinyl plastic. In some places where there is a need for equipment such as forklifts to pass through, then your usual standard size of the fabricated strip door won’t be that much of a help. So, you can opt for a customized strip door curtain in this case.


As it is properly tailored according to your place’s need, the customized strip door curtain will fit in accordance to your place.

There are several designs from which you can choose these types of custom-made strip door curtains.


Due to the custom-making designs and time is taken to make one, the cost can be more than the fabricated strip door curtain.

A custom strip door curtain with integrated design might need an experience doer for installing.

 Both the fabricated strip door curtain and customized strip door curtains are easy to install, maintain and if necessary, repair or replace. The versatility of these strip door curtains makes it an effective and efficient curtain to a wide range of applications.

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