How Data Center Containment Systems Make a Difference in Your System’s Cooling Efficiency

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Hot and cold air containment

For many industrial environments, there’s a need to control hot air and cold air temperature levels. In the case of server rooms and mission control facilities, for instance, the design layout isolates certain areas from each other to ensure better cooling efficiency. That’s where data center containment solutions come in handy.

Use of the design layout

The layout design, hot aisle/cold aisle, is a staple in many data centers, where server racks are put alongside other computing equipment and devices. This layout is a popular choice for a number of data centers and controlled environments.

Containment systems

The problem with many data centers in the past was the lack of an efficient way to ensure hot air and cold air don’t mix. These days, most data centers have server racks lined up in alternating rows, allowing cold air intakes to face one way and hot air exhausts to face another. This, coupled with the use of modern data center containment systems that further isolate hot-air and cold-air areas, and you have a much more efficient cooling system.

Benefits of containment systems

The point of using the hot air/cold air design, along with containment systems, is to save up on energy consumption, says TRAX Industrial Curtains. By ensuring cold air and hot air don’t mix, cooling systems won’t have to work twice as hard in ensuring temperature levels in the room. This also results into another handy side-benefit—reduced energy costs. By improving the air flow in the room with the use of these systems, companies all over can cut their cooling costs by a lot.


So if you’re looking for a way to improve the cooling efficiency in your work environment, take a look at the possibility of installing containment systems in that space.

TRAX data center containment solutions are currently being used by some of the most recognized names in the high tech world.
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