Dust Control Methods For Warehouses Using Industrial Curtains

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The onset of global pandemic has undoubtedly forced us all to take a seat back and gauge our hygiene and safety standards. Who would have thought a mask and sanitizer would be indispensable or we’d have to think loud and clear before shaking hands with anyone? 

As we reevaluate our hygiene and sanitation standards, there’s one area that requires specific and undeviated attention – our warehouses. A warehouse’s safety and cleanliness situation is directly tied with the quality control of our products and wellbeing of our employees. 

So, when it comes to applying dust control methods in a warehouse, you should never be cutting corners. Let me introduce you to industrial curtain walls, specialized curtains with the following main uses: 

  • Temperature separation 
  • Humidity 
  • Noise reduction 
  • Fume containment 
  • Dust containment 

The applications and benefits of industrial curtain walls are many. But in this blog, we will strictly discuss how these curtains help in controlling dust and contamination in warehouses to keep your facility clean and pristine for extended periods. 

But first, let’s look at the dangers accumulated dust poses in a warehouse. 

Dust Negatively Affects Employee’s Health 

Airborne dust is an underrated source of health complications and hazards. They’re very well capable of making your employees really really sick. You might think they’ll just cough and have an allergy. But consistent exposure to dust will harm the ears, eyes, skin and the respiratory system. Just because these complications don’t manifest soon, it doesn’t mean you can get away with exposing your employees to preventable risks. 


Dust Damages Equipment 

There’s no doubt that dust will seriously compromise the working efficiency of your machineries. To make matters worse, their lifespan would be cut very short. And don’t forget to add heaps of maintenance cost to that. It’s clear that the downtime will eventually lead to loss. 

Additionally, dust also wreaks havoc on the internal parts of the machinery like damaged electric components and clogged air filters. As a result, there’s a good chance you’ll face issues in terms of quality control. 

Dust Leads To Accidents 


Dust accumulated on floors can easily lead to slipping accidents. Likewise, there’s always a looming potential of a combustive explosion. If not cleaned for a long time, dust can easily become flammable and easily explode when exposed to ignition – risking lives of anyone present in the facility. 

Thus, it’s extremely important to adapt appropriate dust control methods. 

Why You Should Use Industrial Curtains For Dust Control Measures In Warehouses? 

Using industrial curtains is an effective and practical method to maintain employees’ health. These curtains undoubtedly provide a higher level of protection from dust – thus you can be assured that your employees are working in a clean environment. 

Thanks to specialized vinyl material, industrial curtains are designed to deter harmful smells, odors, fumes, woodworking dust, pesticides, and sanding dust. The dust will only sit on the industrial curtains, not on the spaces you want to protect. This is the main reason why having industrial curtains in warehouses and manufacturing plants is a must. 

You can later clean the curtains and remove the accumulated dust. For that, you can simply use a wet towel to wipe the curtains. If the curtains are too high, a pull-stick will be useful. 

Besides protection, these curtains also offer a lot of other functionalities. For instance, since these curtains will enable partitions, you can easily isolate dust-prone areas. In turn, this will benefit the exhaust system in the long haul since only a smaller space needs to be exhausted now. 

As a result, over time, you can substitute heavy-load exhaust systems with smaller exhaust systems to further diminish the operating costs. 

5 Ways To Control Dust In Warehouse 

Dust control is an integral part of maintaining any warehouse. While industrial curtains are a surefire way to up your sanitation game, you shouldn’t overlook other functions that you need to carry and other tools that will help with keeping your warehouse clean and sanitized. 

Install A Ventilation System

Ventilation systems consist of extractor fans that allow air flows within the warehouse. Turning them on will allow the fans to pull tiny dust particles towards them. You can switch off the fan once the dust is extracted from the facility. Don’t forget to safely remove and dispose of the accumulated dust afterwards. 

Routine Cleaning 

Although cleaning is commonplace in any given warehouse, dust control requires some extra elbow grease. You can choose from specially formulated detergents for cleaning machines and electronics. But be careful when using anything liquid on electronics as it can lead to electric shocks. The best option is to use microfiber cloth. 


Fog-makers prepare tiny droplets of air that can be released into the air. The droplets then stick to the dust particles. As a result, fogging eliminates large particles as they fall off. If you are looking for a long-term solution against dust, fogging is definitely worth a shot. 

Cover Surfaces 

Buy small as well as big containers in order to store all the feasible material and equipment inside them. It will hinder the dust from gathering onto their surfaces.

Reduce Needs For Moving Materials 

Dust will gather on the floor based on how frequently the tires are being used to move stuff to and from the warehouse. More traffic equals more dust. Thus, it’s best to look for long-term solutions to limit the movement of materials without having a negative impact on your warehouse’s operations. 

4 Reasons To Choose TRAX’s Curtains 

Before you go, here’s a quick rundown of reasons you should choose industrial curtains from TRAX:

Easy To Install 

Thanks to the rolling track and trolley systems, these curtains are a breeze to install. Also, they can be statically mounted or provided with roller track hardware for making them retractable. 

Space Efficiency 

Efficient space translates to increased productivity. These curtains help you easily partition the available room to create an easy-to-access and more functional space for everyone. 

Energy Savings 

These curtains perfectly isolate the hot or cool air – giving you tons of flexibility with temperature control and saving you thousands of dollars in energy costs. 

Great Styles 

We offer ample variety so that you don’t have to compromise on aesthetics when choosing functionality. From crystal clear flexible vinyl to vibrantly colored curtain walls, there’s an option for every warehouse. 

So, what are you waiting for? We’re just a click away! 

TRAX data center containment solutions are currently being used by some of the most recognized names in the high tech world.
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