How much ROI or $ can be saved from freezer strip doors?

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Whenever we invest in something, there is always one question looming in the background: Is it worth it? In today’s cut-throat competition, it is almost mandatory for every business move to yield a return on investment (ROI). This is the universal truth and applies to all business, whether it’s real estate, food and beverage, or absolutely anything.

Maintaining the infrastructure of the business comes at a cost. In this blog, we will talk about walk-in freezers. A walk-in freezer most likely conjures thoughts of restaurants or convenience stores, but it is essential in all industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to military. Most likely, for any business, it is one of the largest line items in energy usage. On top of that, it requires meticulous sanitation management, optimisation, and upkeep. That sure raises the operating cost.

Using Industrial Curtain Walls, which are lightweight partitions that function as excellent temporary walls, can help you fully augment your freezer’s functions. These curtains retail for anywhere between $55 to $155 for 48-inch x 84-inch size. That being said, we can certainly say that using strip doors for freezers is a shrewd investment that will cause profits. Here’s exactly how:

Help reduce energy bills

As energy prices continue to spike, businesses are constantly looking for ways to minimise their energy usage and bills. On top of that, as consumers continue to hold brands accountable for their environmental impact, there’s mounting pressure of cutting carbon footprint. For example, a 6×6 walk-in freezer will cost around $244 worth of electricity a month, while a 10×12 model will cost approximately $435. Strip doors will help you keep the cool temperature by insulating the freezer. It will avert the freezer from working overtime to maintain optimum temperature. These will also help to lessen energy expenses by lessening heated water, decreasing coil icing and need for energy maintenance. So, it is safe to say that, strip doors can help a business save 30%-40% of electricity when it comes to freezers.

Helps reduce charges for sanitation and maintenance

There’s no doubt that a freezer needs to be in the utmost sterile and sanitated condition as it often houses products that can be contaminated easily. With so many people walking in and out of the freezer every day, making sure that it is germ-free is quite hard. Now that’s where strip doors come to the rescue. The durable, heavy strip doors prevent pests from entering the freezer and create an unfavourable environment for them. Thus, it prevents not only them from entering but also breeding. Otherwise, you will have to resort to pesticides and chemicals that won’t only pile up the cost of cleaning but also damage the goods inside. And for a controlled environment like a walk-in freezer, you’d need the help of professionals, who will charge you between $200 to $600 for one freezer.

Enhances the layout for less money

A walk-in freezer often needs to have its layout changed for reasons like the nature and amount of the goods stored. Thus, it is best to refrain from the permanent structure. Your best bet would be strip doors that are comparatively less expensive, easier to reconfigure and cause a less disturbance during installation. For a basic aluminium partition, you can expect to pay between $30 to $55 per square foot. The price varies depending on thickness and coating. Also, if you add curves, lighting, or other upgrades, the cost will rise. The price for glass partition also clocks in around same range. Hence, there’s no question that using strip doors is a better choice. It isn’t only economic but also comes with a handful of features. Every time a worker opens a traditional door or partition, cold air is lost. Strip doors help people to move easily, reduce the loss of cold air, and enhance visibility.

Creates a healthy working environment

When workers are exposed to conditions that contain dust, germs, fumes, and extreme cold, it can lead to many health hazards. Thankfully, strip doors are made with materials that are designed to protect the workers from these extreme components. While there’s no calculation of the definitive amount you can save, it will help you dodge insurance claims and lawsuits that can potentially cost you millions of dollars. Similarly, these doors also offer the convenience of not having to open and close. Workers and come in and go out swiftly. It helps to improve the traffic of workers and materials. Hence, in a way, strip doors can help increase the productivity of your workers by creating a suitable working environment and enhanced workflow. Now, there’s, of course, no price cap on that!


So, ROI or the number of dollars you can save by installing strip doors are both subjective and objective concepts. When it comes to things like energy bills and maintenance cost, we can calculate the exact amount, of course. But when it boils down to the safety of your workers and the increased efficiency of the workplace, there is no bar on that. In conclusion, we would like to say that a solid investment of a couple of thousands of dollars can help your business get to new heights! Contact TRAX today to get a quote on strip doors tailor-made just for you.


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