Future of Industrial Curtains

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No one had foreseen how much havoc the Coronavirus would have on every industry. Drastic measures have been taken worldwide to contain its impact in every sector, and the world economy has now leaned towards a preventive future than a reactive future. Such is the plight of every industry and its sectors. In this piece, we will discuss what will happen and what has happened in the future of Industrial curtains.  

The Rise in Demand since COVID-19

The need for industrial curtains has more than quadrupled over this year only. The businesses have come to terms with their employees in creating a safe and preventive workplace.

Sectors like manufacturing, hoteling, pharmaceuticals, office, and almost all need shielded curtains, which can minimize the effects of the COVID-19. Therefore the demand has risen for industrial curtains all over the world.

Boosting the Morale of Employees

Not all industries can operate and adopt a work-from-home setup. The brick and mortar industries need employees in their workplace to function. These sectors’ functioning isn’t possible if the employees cease to come for work, knowing that no preventive measures have been implemented in their workplace. So, the employers and the management are now making sure that they are installing preventive measures to work in a virus-free environment.

Using Industrial curtains and strip doors is one of the impactful preventive measures that will boost employees’ morale and help in continuing the workplace’s running.

Innovations and a Better Future of PVC Industrial Curtains

Governments worldwide along the large PVC curtain making companies are now devoted towards making sustainable industry PVC. They are listing and certifying companies that purchase recycled PVC to produce new products. This encourages consumers worldwide that these companies do care about a green planet and promote to buy products from them.   

Introduction of CID Technology

It was in the year 2007 the AkzoNobel launched Continuous Initiator Dosing (CID). This technology has changed the conventional PVC making process. CID improves the quality of the industrial curtains, safety in making it, and reduces the need for whitening additives while making PVC curtains.

This technology is still being refined in the large industry curtain manufacturing sectors and will be the standard method of making PVC industry curtains.

Demands in Several Sectors

Almost all sectors will require industrial curtains in their line of business. The influence of the industrial curtain can be seen increasing with the spike in demand for them. No matter how big or small the company is, the market is expanding for industrial curtains.

Some countries have mandatorily demanded that public-serving businesses install industry curtains for preventive measures against future pandemic outbreaks.

Here are some businesses where the industry curtain is in demand.

Manufacturing Business

Manufacturing companies will need to ensure that the products they make are manufactured in a clean environment. And industry curtain will play an essential role in ensuring this preventive measure. The workers will also demand a workplace where they can work in a stress-free environment with all sorts of preventative measures are taken. Installing industrial curtains will be a useful measure in following the social distancing among employees in the workplace.

Such industries could be textile, logistics, housing, pharmaceuticals, and many more.

Service Sectors

Service sectors have also demanded the need for industrial curtains in their industry. Public buses and taxis are a few of the examples in this periphery. In some cities, public transport has started putting up PVC curtain between the seats and also on it. Because of this, maintaining distance has become manageable, and even detoxing the seats is possible.

Local shops and markets are also using PVC industrial curtains to prevent local transmission of the virus.

Sectors in the service industry like cinemas, offices, medical centers, sports halls, and many others are demanding industry curtains and are increasing as we speak.

Other Reasons the Future Looks Bright for Industrial Curtains

Even if there hadn’t been an outbreak, still the demand for industrial curtains would increase. Here we have listed why industrial curtains are preferred over conventional curtains as barriers in workplaces and businesses.

Price and Affordability

A cost-effective choice for every industry, they require a minimum budget to install in your workplace. They are much cost effective than putting up a concrete wall and also do not require any special permit. Putting up these curtains does not require any contractors and will give an immense value for money.

Portable and Customizable

Sectioning in offices is now given more importance than ever. Having an industrial curtain in offices will help you customize your office to fit your working space. With the improvisation and advancement in industrial curtains’ quality, consumers will have more options to choose from.

Installation can be done in an instant and isn’t permanent. Users are now buying it for its portability and easy accessibility. Offices that need quick setup and portability mostly prefer industrial curtains over conventional ones.

Helps in Making Effective Clean Room

The need for cleanroom, especially in the manufacturing sector, is much needed now more than ever. Industrial curtains help in making confined areas where microbes will be controlled and can be regulated.

Environmental Benefits

With the rising concern of environmental protection, industrial curtains help keep out what’s meant to be kept out like dust, fumes, odor, noise, etc. These ecological control and the ease of accessibility are the things manufacturing companies are looking forward to in the future.

Final Words

Now that the transition due to COVID-19 is seen everywhere, the working style and lifestyle have changed drastically. Every sector worldwide needs to adapt to this, and some industries have already worked on it and moved forward.

The increase in demand for industrial curtains also proves how companies plan to take necessary workplace measures. Hygiene, along with distancing, is a must, and equipment like PVC curtain and strip doors play a vital role in it.

As for the future of industrial curtains in the humanitarian sector, social service agencies are using it for quick-installing health camps and refugee camps worldwide. These Industrial curtains are being used to keep the quarantine zone confined in an area. This broad use of industrial curtains makes it one of the unsung heroes in these turmoil times.  

Now that we have come to crossroads on how the future of industrial curtains looks like. With the rise in demand and the benefits it offers, the future favors Industrial curtains. And the future is now.

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