How Trax Can Help with Lockdown in Heatwave?

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As if the coronavirus wasn’t enough, we’re going through and will be going through many heatwaves this year. 

This extreme heat is because of a powerful and super persistent high-pressure system sitting right above the United States of America, often referred to as a heat dome, in which the air descends to the land, constricting and worsening the already hot summer. 

Experts have even warned that the heat waves will put individuals most vulnerable to contracting this deadly pandemic at greater risk of illness from heat and humidity. 

So, how can Trax help with the lockdown in the heatwave?

Trax prides itself on having an extensive portfolio of products that have helped companies and industries manage their workstation and workflow against the coronavirus. 

Whether it’s PVC striped doors, double-layered curtains, mobile cleanrooms, or other forms of personal safety barriers, Trax’s products have been of great benefit in the face of this pandemic. 

Trax helps in sanitation and cleanliness 

It is too early to ascertain if coronavirus is seasonal or not. However, given the nature of most viruses and germs out there, scientists predict that the coronavirus will thrive even more during the summer season. 

Thus, you can imagine to what it can extent it can multiply during a heatwave. 

Several of Trax’s products, such as cleanroom curtains, PVC strip doors, and double-layered curtains, can effectively block pollutants and germs from entering the enclosed area. On top of that, the materials used in these curtains are super easy to clean, in addition to being unfavorable spots for germs to breed. 

Hence, it’s safe to say that Trax’s products will enhance the sanitization and cleaning routing of your workplace by manifolds, which in turn will directly help control the outbreak. 

Trax helps to contain cold temperature 

Corona or no corona, Trax’s products have always supported businesses and households tackle heatwaves. However, its importance has amplified even more in recent times since things like going out for a stroll or taking a dip in the pool are still a big no-no. 

PVC strip doors, clean room curtains, and even industrial curtails will effectively insulate the room’s cold temperature while forming a protective barrier against the hot air trying to flow in. Basically, these curtains can act like a thermos—retaining the original temperature without the need for extra cooling. 

Bonus: As a result, the energy bills to run chillers, freezers, and air conditioners are also reduced significantly. Now, what a relief that would be, wouldn’t it?

Trax helps expand the work area with mobile clean rooms 

A heat wave and a cramped room together are a formula for some topnotch uncomforting and heightened corona risks. 

During a heatwave, when there are too many people in the room or too many things going on, the situation can worsen pretty quickly.

So, what can we do about it? Build brick and mortar rooms quickly? No. Take the work outside? No. 

A viable option is investing in mobile clean rooms! Yes, you heard that right. Now let me tell you why.

Whenever the workplace needs to be reshuffled or restructured to offer adequate distancing and no cramming, a rigid wall or barrier is not going to help the situation.

So, if you need to increase work areas, you can use makeshift yet reliable options in the form of a mobile cleanroom. The cleanrooms are free-standing and can be kept anywhere you want. You can place them in any corner of the facility. Also, you don’t have to worry about things like plumbing or electricity. 

Since mobile cleanrooms will also isolate and retail the cold temperature, it will be much easier for employees to perform their best even during sweltering heat. 

Trax’s industrial curtain walls block both heat and germs

When it comes to stopping the sun’s light and heat, nothing comes close to Trax’s industrial curtains walls. These curtains provide efficient temperature control by separating the conditioned and non-conditioned spaces. These will also significantly lessen the amount of heat transferred via the environment, keeping the room they’re installed in the cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. 

Available in different colors and materials, you can opt for opaque, all-black industrial curtain walls, as these are even more effective than the other. The retractable features of these curtains make it easier for workers to go in or out without losing any room’s coolness. 

Like other cleanroom curtains, these can effectively block out external pollutants, germs, and disease-carrying pests that thrive in the heat. So, we can say that industrial curtain walls will help stabilize temperature and mitigate risks of outbreaks during heat waves at the time of corona. 


The four pointers mentioned above are just a few representatives of how Trax and Trax’s products can help you manage and thrive in a lockdown. 

We offer the most diverse and complete array of the plastic curtain, cleanroom curtains, and many other products. 

Please go through the product descriptions available on the site itself for more information on our product portfolio.  

At Trax, we sincerely care and feel about the ongoing pandemic crisis. We’re all in this together. 

That is why, to do our small part to help the economy and humanity not falter in this trying time, we are extending our support and help to the companies that are protecting us against the Covid-19.

We are fast-tracking and ramping up the projects related to the medical, cleanroom, pharmaceutical, and health industries. We will also be discounting all the projects that are intending to help the fight against the pandemic. 

Register today to get a free quote, and stay safe.  

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