How Can Mobile Clean Rooms Help in the Covid-19 Pandemic?

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Who knew that an unprecedented virus originating in one small corner of the world would turn our world completely upside down? This fatal virus hasn’t only claimed thousands of lives but also has changed our notion of life. It will inevitably take at least a good couple of years for things to bounce back—after all, the economy needs to shift radically, along with the way we carry on with our lives and the way we work.

Even at a time when it seemed like everything has come to a standstill, the companies were still running, factories were manufacturing, and the supply chain was still functioning while grappling with the adversities. The importance of hygiene, sanitation, and distancing has come to the front, and there’s definitely no going back.

While there are so many options available in the market that claim to support the working style surrounding covid-19, there’s one tried and tested option that has come to your rescue. And it is none other than mobile clean rooms.

What is Mobile Clean Room?

In simple terms, a mobile clean room is a self-contained manufacturing space that is constructed in the facility and shipped to the consumer’s place in one piece—all set to hook up and use.

For several industries, like pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and food & drinks, the need regarding production conditions and product quality has significantly increased. Previously, it wasn’t always possible if building an own cleanroom for the company would be the right choice. Even more so if it’s for short-term—you don’t need to spend so much money if the need is temporary.

A mobile clean room is a cost-efficient, sublime, and locally flexible solution against a permanent clean room. It effectively delivers the same functionalities as a firmly installed cleanroom—reproducible conditions for production, testing, measuring, and research.

So, let’s see how mobile clean rooms can help in the covid-19 pandemic?

Mobile clean rooms Are quickly constructed

Like we discussed earlier, with covid-19, our workflow had to be changed entirely overnight. Suddenly, the list of things that need to be considered grew longer, with the inclusion of extra space, added efficiency, and top-notch hygiene.

Mobile clean rooms can really be handy in conditions like these. After all, building something from a kit, with the building materials included and the design already finalized, will be much more comfortable, simpler, and way too quicker than building something from scratch. As mobile clean rooms are produced in our facility and transported to yours in the finalized format, it streamlines the building process. Moreover, these kinds of clean rooms are straightforward to assemble and disassemble and aren’t rigid like their permanent counterparts. If you need to shift it from one unit to another, it can be quickly disassembled, transported, and assembled again.

Mobile clean rooms are free-standing

When the workplace needs to be reshuffled to ensure adequate distancing, smooth inflow and outflow, and no cramming, rigid assets will create barriers. On the other hand, a mobile clean room is free-standing, and it can be placed anywhere without the need for extensive construction or renovation. A free-standing mobile clean room can be placed anywhere you deem correct—whether it’s tucked in a far-flung corner or is located in the middle of a large, open production floor. The need to build or break walls can be tossed with mobile clean rooms. Moreover, plumbing and electricity are already engineered into the cleanroom as an integral part of the modular design.

Mobile clean rooms can be modified or expanded  

Once again, factors like adequate distancing, easy mobility, and amplified efficiency come into play. If you already have an existing mobile clean room and its needs increase further, it’s quite easier to modify and expand than renovating or remodeling a conventionally constructed space. These clean rooms are entirely portable and can be easily moved to accommodate a new clean room environment layout, in addition to being expanded by incorporating additional wall pieces. It saves you from the troubles of starting fresh with all the new material each time your clean room requires a change.

It’s a more economical option

It’s no news that our economy is currently in shambles due to the corona-induced recession. Hundreds of companies have filed for bankruptcy, while millions across the world have lost their jobs. For companies, too, it’s already hard enough to keep up with the business when the flow of income has been severely disrupted. In such conditions, we understand that it is not possible to make significant changes in the workflow or facility to ensure proper hygiene and operation. Once again. A mobile clean room is a viable option for you, as it comes for a fraction of the price of a standard clean room. If you’re thinking of making an investment that fulfills all your organizational needs in the wake of this deadly pandemic, it should definitely be a mobile clean room.

Saves energy and reduces bills

One more economic advantage of using mobile clean rooms is that it saves energy and thus saves you a good sum of money on your energy bills. Mobile clean rooms come with an inherent insulating factor and diminish the need for additional insulation. And how does it do so? Mobile clean room curtains act like a thermos. They will hold temperatures longer than open-air rooms, and reduce the need for extra heating or cooling. As a result, less energy is needed to maintain room temperatures, and the bills are lowered naturally. And at uncertain times like this, every little saving on cost should be appreciated.


If you are thinking about installing mobile clean rooms, we can confidently say that this is the best time to do it. We are experts in the field of mobile clean room with decades of experience under our belt. Contact Trax to receive a quote today, and we will make sure that your every need regarding mobile clean rooms will be met, with mobile clean rooms personalized to suit your facility.


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