How Data Center Containments Boost Operational Performance

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Data centers have started implementing containment systems to improve the performance of cooling systems. Data centers need effective solutions for airflow management as equipment power densities have increased significantly in the racks. The average rack power density was around two to one kW per rack five years ago but today it has increased to four to eight kW per rack. With the help of containment, the energy required to maintain comfortable temperatures within the data center can be significantly reduced. Data center containment means the separation of hot air that is being released by the equipment exhaust from the cold supply airflow. This increases the cooling capacity of the data center, optimizes the effectiveness of power usage, and reduces operating costs. Containments reduce the risk of equipment failure and overheating by directing airflow where it is needed the most. They make power infrastructure and existing cooling systems more effective. With the help of containment, data centers can make efficient use of the same or less cooling, reducing the total energy bill’s cooling costs. 

Data Center Containments Benefit

Let’s take a look at the ways containment systems can boost operational performance in data centers. 

Increases Cooling Capacity

Containments have been shown to increase cooling capacity in both small and large data centers by 40% while extending the life of IT equipment and saving on cooling costs. Once containment is implemented in the data center, operators can shut down half of their CRAC units. This indicates that within two years containment solutions pay for themselves. Containments direct airflow precisely and target colling in the areas where it is needed the most. With the help of containment systems, you can easily maintain optimal temperature for the functioning of the equipment. This not only enhances the longevity of the equipment but also reduces the overall electricity cost of cooling the data center. 

Improves Energy Efficiency

With the help of containment architectures, data center operators can reduce up to 40% of cooling costs. Containment systems improve the efficiency of data centers by isolating either the cooling provided to the equipment or heat produced by IT equipment. They act as a barrier between cold and hot air streams reducing the chances of their mixing. By containing the hot air that is generated by the equipment used in the data center and directing it away from the supply of cold air, containment systems reduce the cooling equipment workload. They also offer an opportunity for cooling energy savings due to the increase in return air temperature and allowable supply air temperature.

Extends the Lifespan of IT Equipment

If you operate a data center you know the challenges that you have to face when it comes to maintaining a high efficiency level within your facility. Temperatures that are too cold, hot, or inconsistent can shorten the lifecycle of IT equipment like server units. Containment systems can prolong your data center equipment lifespan. By segregating cold and hot air streams effectively, containment systems help maintain optimal operating temperatures for storage devices, servers, switches, and other important IT infrastructure. 

Improves Air Quality

Containment systems prevent data center enclosures from getting infiltrated with dust and other impurities in the air. They isolate equipment exhaust resulting in the circulation of clean air through the data center. An aisle containment strategy is to control airflow patterns and keep contaminates away from servers so that the equipment stays clean and dust-free. Cleaner air means better performance of the equipment and less dust buildup on fans, cooling systems, and equipment surfaces. This leads to improved air quality and reduction of airborne contaminants. 

Compliance with Regulations

Data centers have to follow a comprehensive set of rules and regulations to ensure their reliable and secure operation. Some data centers have to adhere to certain energy efficiency standards for their smooth functioning. Implementing containment solutions improves equipment reliability and operational efficiency and facilitates regulatory requirements compliance related to environmental control, energy efficiency, and sustainability.


Data center containment has become very common over the past few years leading to widespread adoption and implementation by many sites. Even medium and small facilities are considering some form of containment. A containment system effectively reduces the energy cost by reducing or preventing the mixing of hot and cold air streams and stopping leakage contamination. With its help, you can reduce bypass airflow rate and extend the lifespan of your IT equipment. The containment system can also improve the quality of airflow within your facility. If you’re thinking of getting containment enclosures installed in your data center consider things like the room configurations, space available within your facility, and the number of cabinets and servers you have. When designing a new containment enclosure you should also consider the obstructions in your layout like overhead beams, structural elements, and fire suppression systems. 


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