How to Clean Plastic Strip Curtains?

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Suppose you are someone who has worked in a kitchen, warehouse, or a factory setting. In that case, you probably know that plastic strip curtains are nothing short of a boon by the almighty. And with the COVID-19 pandemic turning our world upside down, we’re sure your aware of the need to the need to keep these curtains cleaner than ever—squeaky clean.

If you start noticing dirt gather on the strips or these curtains aren’t simply transparent as they were before, it’s time to use some brain and good elbow grease. If you don’t clean the curtains regularly, you might have to completely discard them and purchase new ones.

While we’ll talk about how to find the right plastic strip curtains for you and their benefits, let’s start with the main question here: How to clean plastic strip curtains.


The 5 Steps of Cleaning Plastic Strip Curtain


Cleaning and Assessing the Area


Before you do anything, assess the location and position of your curtains. If these are placed in an indoor setting, consider cleaning down the area itself. Think if you have dirt or dust on the floor and if this is triggered more by foot traffic and forklifts. In that case, it can become easily smeared on the curtains. On the other hand, if they’re placed in a relatively cleaner area, it will take the curtains a considerably longer time to get dirty. Either way, make sure to clean the area first as this is a more hygienic and safer option for all three parties involved: cleaner, employees, and the curtains.

Wiping Down the Curtains

Once you have cleaned the area, give your curtains a simple wipe down with a dry towel first. Once the initial layer of dust is removed, once again wipe the curtains using a bucket of warm water and a sponge. For this, you can simply run the sponge across the surface of the plastic strip curtains. After these steps, you’ll see that the majority of the dust and dirt has been removed.

If you are satisfied with the way your curtains look now, you can end the cleaning process here and repeat it when necessary in the future.

Soak Cleaning

Unfortunately, suppose your plastic strip curtains are scratched. In that case, you’ll see small granules of dirt that are embedded in these scratches, which makes it harder to wipe them down. In such an instance, you’ll get much better results if you soak the curtain. It may seem like a hassle, but it delivers excellent results.

Takedown your plastic strip curtains from the hangings—it can be done at once or one at a time. Next, soak the curtains in a bowl of water or another container for a few hours. Once the time is up, slowly lift them out of the water and give a good wipe with a soaked towel. Once these steps are carried out, your curtains will have an even better and cleaner appearance.

Extensive Cleaning

If you’re still not satisfied with how clean your curtains look, you can resort to some chemical-based solutions.

However, there are certain things you need to be aware of. For instance, don’t use a solvent-based cleaner as it can cause irreversible damage to the material. Bleach is okay to use, but make sure you water it down considerably. Even then, it’s wiser to do a spot test.

Before you clean the whole curtains using the bleach solution, use it on a smaller surface and see if the curtain turns cloudy or discoloured. If that’s not the case, you can go ahead and use it across the curtains’ length. Make sure you wash the curtains thoroughly after this step.

Note: Do not mix and match solutions to clean the curtains unless you’re 100% sure about it. For example, if you use bleach with ammonia, it can damage the curtains to the point of no redemption.

Useful Tips to Clean Plastic Strip Curtains

Selecting the cleaner

When cleaning, if you’re not careful enough, you will do more harm than good. Make sure that you’re using a non-abrasive cleaner that doesn’t scratch the surface. My tip is to use a lint-free cloth which will ensure that no streaks of small threads or fabric are left behind. Likewise, if you’re using a brush, use a soft-bristled option.

Immediate spot cleaning

If you see a fresh stain or mark, don’t wait for it to dry out. Even more, don’t ignore it, thinking that you’ll take care of it some other time. If you see a stain, wipe it down immediately so that there’s no sticky residue that’ll attract germs, dust, and other pathogens.

Make cleaning a habit

Plastic strip curtains are very sanitary and hygienic, but by no means are they self-cleaning. That’s why you should clean the curtains regularly. Then again, the definition of ‘regular’ varies depending upon the nature of the work. For example, if the plastic strip curtains are used every day, with workers and machinery being driven through on a regular basis, the curtains may need to be cleaned every week.

Think for the future

Cleaning the plastic strip curtains and watching them turn clear from the previous smoggy colour can be therapeutic to some. But if you’re someone like me, think for the future. First of all, assess why the curtains are frequently getting. For instance, if your employees get grimy while working outside or elsewhere, ask them to change before they enter the area with curtains.

If possible, also put a stop to dirty and greasy pieces of machinery being moved through the curtains, as these get your curtains dirty in no time. If it’s not possible, you can have your curtains fitted on a rail so that you can move them back out of the way when dirty or greasy things are passing through.


Once you are done wiping and cleaning, always make sure to use a repellent spray to try and keep the problems from occurring again. For instance, if dirt has attracted mold on the curtains, you can use an anti-mold spray to prevent that from happening in the near future.

Choose the right plastic strip curtains

Before you worry about cleaning and sustaining your curtains, reflect on whether you’ve bought the right curtains for you or not. If not, you can amend that later.

Always make sure to be vocal about your requirements and the environment in the workplace so that we can gauge your situation and recommend the optimum product. For instance, if it’s for a walk-in freezer where the temperature is supposed to be at a freezing point, you can use low-temperature grade plastic doors.

Talking about choosing the right product brings us to our next topic, which is none other than TRAX Plastic Strip Curtains/Doors.

TRAX Plastic Strip Doors

With 4 decades of experience in making plastic strip curtains, at TRAX, we make the strip curtains with highest grade materials that come in three distinct styles. You can choose from Full-Rib, Tear Drop Edge, and Econo.

All three of them are made in standard and low-temperature format so that you can have more options to cater to precise needs.

Likewise, all of our plastic strip door curtains are provided with Safety Border Strips (in red or orange color) at no additional charge. You can also buy the curtains along with a variety of hardware systems for an overhead door, header, wall, and rolling track installation.

The Benefits of Plastic Strip Curtains

Saves energy

Since these curtains are capable of controlling the temperature by acting as a secondary barrier, it reduces the energy cost for your business as it will take some burden off from your heating and cooling devices.

Efficient temperature for everyone

Installing plastic strip curtains at doorways into the rooms will enable you to keep your working space at a comfortable temperature, while still keeping your freezer at a freezing point.

Blocks dirt and insects

These curtains are also very capable of stopping dust and insects from entering the rooms. Suppose you work in with delicate pieces of machinery or need to keep the products sterile at any given moment. In that case, these curtains will serve a convenient purpose.

Efficient workflow

Due to the see-through nature of the curtains, there will be increased efficiency in the working area. For instance, workers will be able to see who’s coming on the other side and maintain speed accordingly. There will also be fewer cases of injuries due to sudden impact or collision.


Cleaning plastic strip door curtains is way more straightforward than you think. If the curtains aren’t filthy, a bucket of warm water alongside a dilute, lint-free cloth, soft-bristled brush, and non-abrasive solution will get the job done for you.

However, if your curtains are scratched or particularly stained, that’ll take some work as we explained above. When using solutions, always make sure to check if they’re safe to be used on plastic strip curtains or not.

Lastly, don’t forget to wear protective glasses, a mask, and a pair of old clothes!


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