How to Optimize a Walk-In Freezer with TRAX Industrial Curtains

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With energy prices growing exponentially every day, people are always in a lookout for ways to cut energy usage and costs. Whether you own a restaurant, a convenience store, or a bar, your walk-in freezer is most likely one of the largest line items in your energy usage. If you are searching for a way to reduce your overhead costs, it is critical that you do all that is possible to optimize your walk-in freezer for maximum efficiency.

While there are several ways to optimize energy usage like upgrading your lighting and refrigeration system, industrial curtains can be a quick and relatively inexpensive method that will surely reduce the amount of energy required to cool your unit since it reduces the amount of cold air loss while having the door open.

In business since 1978, TRAX offers a wide range of industrial curtains that are known for their highest quality and durability. Industrial curtains by TRAX can be used in a variety of industries to effectively preserve energy, control environments, provide safety, and prevent contamination. These curtains are easy to install and efficient to use. In this article, we will cover how you can optimize a walk-in freezer with TRAX industrial curtains for best performance.

Here are a few ways how Trax Industrial Curtains will help you optimize your walk-in freezer.

Lower energy expenses

If you are trying to keep cold air inside a walk-in freezer, industrial curtains by TRAX create a barrier that will help you insulate your freezer. This will prevent your refrigeration system from working overtime to maintain the right temperature. These curtains are a simple solution to increase your energy savings by lessening heater water, lessening coil icing and decreasing filter maintenance. Overall, it helps reduce energy cost and business operating costs too. It will help to contain cool air even when people are moving in and out of the refrigerated area.

If you are looking to increase energy savings and decrease cost, TRAX will help you manufacture and install the perfect industrial curtains for your need.

Prevents pest infestation and improve sanitation

In order to avoid contamination, it is imperative to manage the sanitation of a walk-in freezer to the utmost standards. Our industrial curtains by TRAX effectively help to prevent pests from entering, breeding and contaminating the entire freezer. In case of a pest infestation, you will have to resort to highly toxic pesticides and insecticides, which will not only damage the products stored inside but also leave a strong, pungent smell. Our durable and heavy curtains effectively prevent the pests from entering the freezer. Since these curtains also prevent any kind of contamination from entering the freezer, maintaining sanitation becomes very much easy and hassle-free.

Lower overhead maintenance cost

Available in combinations ranging from clear and flexible vinyl to colored and reinforced vinyl curtain walls, industrial curtains by TRAX are practical and pleasing at the same time. They are created with compounds that meet the federal requirements for their quality and function ability. Thus, they are highly durable and have to seldom replaced or maintained. In the long run, it will help your company cut maintenance cuts drastically. These curtains can be utilized for both walk-in freezers and walk-in coolers. If they are being used for cooler, they are known as ‘normal temp’, while curtains for the freezer are referred to as ‘low temp’.

Best utilization of space

When it comes to separating the spaces and creating a strategic layout, there’s no arguing the fact that industrial curtains are less expensive, more flexible, easier to maintain and reconfigure, and cause less disruption to your business during installment. It may not seem like much at first, but every time a worker opens a traditional door, cold air is lost and time is lost. Industrial partition curtains by TRAX don’t only allow people and equipment to easily pass through the door without waiting, but also enhance visibility so your workers can be more aware of their surroundings. This doesn’t only help with time management, but also aid in reducing workplace hazards.

Creates a better working environment

No worker should work for longer period of time in conditions that include dust, harsh weather, insects, fumes, and excessive noise. Luckily, industrial curtains by TRAX are designed to protect your workers from these undesirable elements and promote a safer environment. The curtains also offer the advantages of a door with the convenience of not having to open or close one. Thus, plastic freezer curtains improve the traffic flow of workers or materials by completely removing the need for opening and closing of doors. These curtains come with roller track hardware to make them retractable and encourage ease of operations. If visibility is your concern, you can use all clear vinyl material, while you can opt for opaque black material if privacy is your main concern.

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