How TRAX solutions are helping production industries go green?

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With specialization in manufacturing of industrial curtains since 1978, TRAX is one of the leading industrial curtain manufacturers in the market today.

For decades, TRAX has delivered faultless curtains to clients worldwide, with specialization in data center containment, laser barriers, strip doors, curtain walls, airport draft curtain, and commercial curtains. We believe in using materials of the highest quality and providing test data in regards to anti-static and flame spread capabilities for all of our flexible vinyl materials. We fabricate custom products to fit the tailored needs of every application presented to us by our customers, which is reflected by our strong portfolio featuring esteemed clients like Boeing, NASA, Siemens, MIT, Ball Aerospace, and many more.

However, our curtains solutions haven’t only helped companies streamline their working process and increase efficiency. They play an equally active role in reducing their energy consumption, and ultimately diminish their energy footprint. In today’s world, it has become imperative to go green and be accountable for their consumption. And that’s where TRAX’s industrial curtains come to play. Here we have briefly explained how TRAX’s solutions are helping production industries go green.

How Industrial Curtain Walls Help Reduce Energy Consumption?

These partition curtain walls do not only give protection from dust, smoke, fire and airborne contaminations but also help your company go green in the long run by drastically reducing your energy consumptions. As these curtains create different paths for hot and cold air, they remove the need to heat or cool unnecessary areas – reducing your electricity consumption. These curtains also contribute to efficient management to the storage facility – thus, significantly lowering electricity consumption.

Since industrial curtain walls protect against contamination and boost sanitation, they lead to a reduction of washdown cycles to a minimum – helping your company save water usage.

How Data Center Containment Helps Reduce Energy Consumption?

Companies across the world have saved millions of dollars by simply incorporating data center curtains and reducing energy consumption. Our data center contain solution efficiently isolates hot or cold aisle to significantly increase cooling efficiency and reduce energy consumption. On top of that, it reduces the costly time which results in higher profits for the company. Available in softwall panel formats and flexible strips that can be tailored to meet your requirements, our data center containment curtains have the highest cooling efficiency, that will help you reduce your electricity consumptions highly and head towards a greener path.

How Plastic Strip Curtain Doors Reduce Energy Consumption?

TRAX’s Plastic strip doors help companies lower their energy consumption by increasing ventilation efficiency. Basically, the plastic strip controls temperature and maximizes the effectiveness of the facility’s cooking infrastructure. It is done so by isolating the hot aisles and cold aisles. By maximizing the efficiency of the cooling equipment, these strip doors dramatically lessen energy costs, reduce hot spots within high-density server racks. This will eventually help to reduce the carbon footprint of facilities. If you use these curtains in a temperature-controlled or a refrigerated environment, the energy bills will be lower by high extend. We offer the widest array of plastic curtains for warehouses, data centers, and other facilities.

How Airport Draft Curtains Reduce Energy Consumption?

Airport draft curtains come with a set of abilities. Other than its main function, these curtains help to prevent luggage from water, dust, mildew, and harmful fumes. Thus, it means that you don’t have to spend on other fuel-consuming equipment to protect the luggage. The strip material used in TRAX’s airport draft curtains are black 8″ x .080″ thick – made with the patented Tear Drop Edge Materials. Thus, our curtains are highly durable and resistant to tearing, which means that they do now have to be replaced soon. We also offer replacement strips, which means that you don’t have to replace the entire curtains. It leads to the long-term use of curtains, which is a green, sustainable practice.

How Air Doors and Curtains Reduce Energy Consumption?

Available in both heated and unheated versions, Air doors and curtains by TRAX help facilities save energy, in addition to increasing comfort. Useful for a number of industries including bakeries, commercial kitchens, and cafeterias, these curtains regulate the temperature – thus, eliminating the need for extra temperature regulation that will ultimately increase energy consumption. In addition to that, these curtains also help with pest control for any opening – from a 3’ high drive-thru window to 30’ high dock door. It means that you don’t have to resort to toxic insecticides and pesticides to control the pests, which have a tremendous negative impact on the environment.

These are some ways TRAX’s solutions help the production industries go green. All of TRAX’s products are made with durable, high-quality materials, which seldom leads to frequent maintenance and replacement. This practice helps reduce unnecessary production and transportation – eventually reducing the energy footprints and aligning with our sustainability goals.

TRAX data center containment solutions are currently being used by some of the most recognized names in the high tech world.
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