Ideal Clean Room Curtains Explained

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The Clean room curtains are an effective way to keep your room free from contamination in the air. Now, widely popularized for its benefits, the ideal clean room curtains can be seen in workplaces, offices, warehouses, hospitals and many diverse areas. Here, we will be explaining the ideal clean room curtains.

Generally, curtains are kept to partition two places for different uses or to be used as a window. However, the use of a particular set of clean room curtains is favoured by many. Nowadays, the clean room curtains come with their own respective uses and services, which raises the question of why these particular curtains are used for clean rooms.

What is Clean room curtains made of? And where is it used?

The Clean room curtains are made from Polyvinyl Chloride plastic stripes. These strip curtains have high-temperature tolerance which can be used to block noise, wind, dust, odor, fumes and insects in the designated places. These finely refined curtains prevent the escape of air condition air in workplaces, making it an energy efficient partitioning in offices.

The use of clean room curtains can be seen in regular places like Food Processing plants, factories, operation room in Laboratories, Hospitals, Restaurants, Grocery cold storage houses, auto body workshops, office spaces, household garages, and many more.

Benefits of the Ideal clean room curtains

Easy partitioning

The clean room curtains offer the convenience of easy partitioning than your usual door and aluminium portioning in workplaces. These convenient curtains prevent the air-conditioned air which helps in managing the utility costs in offices. Also, the transparency of the curtain helps to prevent any work-related hazards in areas like warehouses and factories where machinery like forklifts and other vehicles are in operation.

Durability with low maintenance overhead

The Polyvinyl chloride curtains are widely known to have the enduring element of its kind. It lasts much more than your usual plastics and can put up with any brute forces of nature. The maintenance of the clean room curtains has low overhead expenses, which makes it budget-friendly curtains in your workspace.

Easy to install

The installing procedure for these curtains is slightly different than other normal curtains. But that doesn’t mean they are sophisticated enough for anyone to install them in their room. These curtains can be installed by using simple hooks by oneself. However, if the motive is to make them durable enough to withstand brute forces, then it will be best to put the curtain bolt-on fittings or metalwork. In this case, it is recommended to ask for the professional help from your maintenance staff or contractor.

Efficient in use and cost

In comparison to other types of curtains and fitting doors, the Clean room curtains are inexpensive with low maintenance cost. The design of the curtain makes it efficient in maintaining the temperature in the room relatively stable. Moreover, these curtains are good insulators of heat and will definitely lower the energy bill during your production.

Keeps everything out

One of the main uses of these type of curtains is to keep contamination and pests away from your clean room, which, it serves greatly. Your curtain prevents infestations of insects and blocks the airborne pollutants present in the air. As for the noise disturbances, the clean room curtain will tone down the noises from outside if your working area has close spaces.

Types of Clean Room Curtains

Now that you are versed on the benefits of Ideal clean room curtains, you can now choose your own style of curtains for your place. Following styles of clean room curtains are available in the market; choose the one that befits your style.

Sliding Track Curtain

The Sliding Track Curtain is made for movable curtains in the room. The curtain combination requires hangers which are suspended from trolleys which roll inside aluminium c-channel. These make the curtains user-friendly and can be opened or closed fully inside-out. It is advised that you ask your contractor or maintenance staff to put them perfectly.

Strip Doors

These are made of heavy-duty polyvinyl plastics of about 8” wide. These strip doors are applicable in the warehouses where forklifts and light carts operate. The wide strip doors are flexible and durable enough to resist any kind of wear and tear even after years of usage. There are a variety of colours and thickness available in markets so, it is recommended to get the 8” thick ones for prolong usage.

Soft Wall Panels

Soft Wall Panels are the solid, transparent polyvinyl clean room curtain with greater flexibility. These curtains can function as wall partition and room divider inside a clean room. The Soft wall panels are considered in the type of clean rooms where sensitivity is reserved as the highest preference, for e.g. manufacturing of pharmaceutical items and microprocessors.

There are several other types of clean room curtains in the market. It will be better if you brief your contractors on the usage of the clean room that you have designed, and ask for advice on the proper type of clean room curtains for your place.

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