Impact of Industrial Curtain Walls on Food Production

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You want a wall for your food production facility, but you are not sure if a permanent, brick-and-mortar wall will work for your application. Now, what if you could redesign, reconfigure, and customize your production space without significant investment, downtime, and permanence of traditional construction? Well, don’t worry – there are Industrial Curtain Walls from TRAX.

In simple words, Industrial Curtain Walls are lightweight PVC partitions that function as excellent temporary walls, which are created to easily slide open and remain out of the way when not in use. They are especially used in large areas that need both easy access and environmental separation.

While they are used in a number of production facilities, ranging from pharmaceutical to agriculture to factories, their impact on food production is profound. Food production facilities demand specific environment safety requirements to prevent problems of contamination, sanitation, fire, and many more.

 Increases Efficiency

 With industrial curtain walls, you can easily divide work areas. A food production facility has several different areas that are divided on the basis of the job performed there. Partitioning work zones create a leaner and more efficient production and processing area. It also helps to create more usable space, seal off unused warehouse spaces, and separate noisy areas – all without the expensive cost of permanent walls. This will eventually help distinguish between different processes, protect workers and products, and contain cross-contamination.

Prevents Hazards

Hundred different functions are carried out in a food production facility every day, with most of them being potentially hazardous in case of even a simple error. Industrial curtain walls give protection against most chemicals, metal dust, airborne particles, fumes, water overspray, welding and grinding sparks, and many other industrial hazards that can cause irrevocable damage to workers and equipment. These curtains are very effective containing fire, smoke, and fume, in addition to being UV-resistant.

Offers High Flexibility

Although heavy-duty, industrial curtain walls are very easy to toll from one side to the other. They have high adjustability to easily slide in and out when not in use. These retractable curtains can also be opened and closed in a matter of few seconds, in addition to having the ability to move products through to shipping or warehouse areas in seconds. While walls are typically rigid, permanent structures with no flexibility, industrial curtain walls by Trax give you the flexibility to relocate, reconfigure, and remove as you wish.

Reduces Energy Bills

Industrial curtain walls will help you save thousands of dollars in the long-run by deducting your energy bills, as they create different paths for cold and hot air to eliminate the need to heat or cool unused areas. It aids in efficient management of airflow to the storage facility, which if left unresolved, could lead to a serious rise in energy bills and damage store logistics. Since these curtains will help significantly in sanitation management, it will lead to reduction of costly washdown cycles to minimum.

Improves Sanitation

It is imperative for a food production facility to maintain utmost sanitation in order to avoid any kind of cross-contamination. It can lead to a termination and disposable of entire batches of food produced, which can be very costly to the company. Industrial curtain walls keep bacteria and containments from forming, which will improve the sanitation of your plant. It will also prevent cross-contamination between equipment and processing lines, in addition to giving protection against rot, UV rays, mildew, and damage from water. The curtain system is designed to eliminate bacteria buildup and debris contamination.

Aids customization

Upkeeping of a food production facility is challenging task, as it is one of the most sensitive areas when It comes to the government’s regulations. Luckily, based on your country’s regulations, industrial curtain walls can be easily customized for food grade application. At TRAX, we can customize your industrial curtains to almost any size you wish. Several color options are available for the vinyl materials as well, including more opaque colors for light blocking applications. Well, this is not all – to make industrial draft curtains even more robust, there are number of optional features available to customize the final product.

Saves overhead cost

The layout of a food production facility will have to go through a lot of changes, depending on arrival of new equipment and new strategies. Given the permanence of walls, cost is often a strong deterrence to customizing your facility for best efficiency. The simplicity of curtain walls and their components – insulated batting, vinyl fabric, and thread – result in a product that doesn’t need a specialized sub-contractor and facilitates for a speedy installation with minimal interruption to the daily operations. It will result in savings of roughly 40-60% over conventional construction costs of most projects. Industrial curtain walls allow optimization for a fraction of the price.

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