Industrial Curtains Vs. Traditional Walls: Which is the Better Choice?

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While designing a facility, you can opt for solid walls, like those made of brick or industrial curtain walls. Both of them offer many benefits. But, according to many facility owners, industrial curtain walls are a better option than traditional walls. 

Curtain walls can be installed anywhere as they occupy minimal to no space. Dividing work areas can prove to be impactful in improving the employee’s work environment, increasing plant efficiency, and increasing plant safety. 

Since industrial curtain walls mostly comprise vinyl, thread, and insulated batting, they can easily fit anywhere. Industrial curtains are not permanent; hence, they are an ideal choice for spaces that may change in terms of functionality over time. Moreover, industrial curtains can effectively section larger spaces for various departments or jobs. 

Why Industrial Curtains Are A Better Choice As Compared To Traditional Walls?

Facility owners want walls or partitions that offer more flexibility so that they have the option to change the facility structure as and when required or remove the walls entirely. Walls made out of brick or drywall are permanent. They can only be removed entirely through extensive construction. On the other hand, industrial curtains can be removed easily without any hassle.

They can be removed and even repurposed at any given point in time. They easily fit in any given layout. We have enlisted a few benefits of industrial curtains over traditional walls.

Industrial Curtains Offer Better Safety

When you install a brick wall or drywall or use any other thick material that blocks the view, it can prove to be a little risky since no one can see if equipment is malfunctioning or an employee is hurt.

When you install industrial curtain walls, every person working on the premises will get a clear view. Thus, one can ensure that the machines and employees are working safely. They are safe and provide the right amount of privacy needed between every section of a facility.

Industrial Curtains Take Up Little Space

When you install a permanent brick wall, it takes up a lot of space. Almost all kinds of permanent walls will take up a lot more space than an industrial curtain wall. For instance, brick walls can be one brick thick or many bricks thick. Depending on the thickness, these walls will take up space in your facility. 

This is where industrial curtains can be a better alternative. These walls are very thin naturally and require minimal to no space in your facility. Since you can remove these walls whenever you want, you can also use the additional space.

Industrial Curtains Offer Enhanced Durability

Traditional walls experience wear and tear over time. They can also experience irreversible damage. For instance, in a manufacturing plant, forklift drivers and various equipment or machinery may lose control accidentally, thus running into walls and damaging them. The walls may crack or even break entirely.

Repairing the walls is very time-consuming and requires a lot of downtime. It will also cost a lot to repair a typical wall. On the other hand, industrial curtains are capable of withstanding harsh impacts without facing any kind of damage. 

Industrial Curtains Help You Save Costs

If you are planning to install typical brick walls, think again. Installing brick walls can be highly expensive. With time, such walls can suffer damage like deep cracks, leading you to spend a lot on repair work to maintain the safety of employees and the facility. Industrial curtain walls are manufactured out of materials that have the capability of withstanding repeated impact for several years. Thus, you can save a lot of money with industrial curtains. Industrial curtains also provide a quick return on your investment by saving on energy bills and running costs. They prevent the conditioned air from escaping and the heated air from entering inside. Businesses like warehouses and food processing factories usually depend on industrial curtains because of their insulation properties. Industrial PVC curtains offer an insulated barrier between sections to help maintain the temperature without making them difficult to access.


With so many benefits, industrial curtain walls are a great investment for factory and building owners who wish to avoid paying continuously for maintenance. Industrial curtains are also much cheaper than brick walls or drywalls. They are flexible, modular, insulated, and adaptable to any facility or warehouse environment. They are only about a third of the cost of a traditional wall. These curtains can also help maintain the temperature inside the facility. Dividing a large space into smaller areas is easy with industrial curtain walls. Industrial curtain walls are a great option if you wish to separate various sections in your facility effectively.


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