Top 5 industries with increased demand due to COVID-19

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There’s no doubt that the post-Corona world will be nothing like the way it used to be. Going to a crowded bar on a Friday night, hugging our friends, or only eating the cake, someone just blew air on.

It has been months since the first outbreak in Wuhan, China, but this deadly virus continues to claim thousands of lives every single day, even though billions around the world are practicing self-isolation.

While the world and economy have seemed to come at a halt, there are still a few industries that have and need to keep going, no matter how rampant the virus gets. After all, the nutritional needs, medicinal needs, and consumer good needs of the people still have to be fulfilled to maintain the quality of life.

Throughout the world, job opening for cleaners and disinfection services has increased. But nothing quite helps to keep your facility hygienic and sanitized as controlled environments do. Here, in this blog, we will discuss the top 5 industries with increased demand due to Covid-19.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing Industry

One may go on without proper shelter and clothing all along with his life, but lack of access to food for even a few days has a potentially life-threatening impact. So, no matter how aggravated the virus may seem, food and beverage manufacturers have to go on.

A lot of movement happens continuously at these facilities for long hours every day. From the flow of the manufacturing process and utensils to people and waste, things are ways on the move. Making use of products like Strip Doors doesn’t only save energy by minimizing loss of heated or cooled air at unprotected openings, they also ensure smooth and seamless pass-through by vehicles and pedestrians alike with minimum contact.  Likewise, Strip curtains also help in the creation of a cleaner and more organized workflow by hindering the movement of dust and other contaminants.

Hospitals and Healthcare Centers

Medicine has always been a respected and highly deemed profession. Still, in the light of Covid-19, we have all found a newfound respect for the health professionals working selflessly for months to treat the patients, taking on the risk of contracting the virus oneself.

In the Victorian era, an unhygienic operating room had a 1 in 4 death rate. But now that we understand the correlation between cleanliness and safety, it is imperative to do everything and use everything possible to ensure patients’ and health workers’ safety. Doors may seem like an insignificant, small part of the hospitals, but it’s one of the things that most people come in contact with. Simply replacing timber doors with PVC strip doors means that bacteria and mold won’t have a favorite area to grow. The door panel doesn’t have any gaps or joins and is impervious to moisture.


Just like the hospitals and health centers, pharmaceuticals are being lauded for their efforts to continuously produce medicines and other medical supplies so that there’s no shortage of treatment for a rising number of coronavirus cases and other ailments.

However, as it goes without saying, it’s one of those few industries where the slightest inconvenience in product quality can lead to grim consequences. Dividing the areas into various sections with industrial curtains will block out any external contaminants, dust, and fumes. On top of that, you can get these for a fraction of the cost of what would pay for a brick-and-mortar wall. Since these are portable, you can move them around at your convenience. Plastic strip doors, which are available in heated or unheated versions, are also good options that can keep infectants at bay while reducing cost. In highly specialized areas where laser-based technologies are used, TRAX’s double-layered curtains help to achieve the desired controlled, safe environment.


A warehouse may not be the ‘industry’ industry, but it’s undoubtedly one of the most integral divisions of any industry. No matter what your manufacturing unit produces, having a top-notch warehouse is critical to both your employees’ health and your product quality.

Regular checkups and cleaning are musts, but they don’t suffice. You have to effectively prevent the influx of dust and contaminants, especially coming from the outsides. High-speed doors, insulated dock doors, and of course, strip doors are just some examples of products you can use in your warehouse to prevent the influx of dust. Making use of partitioning solutions is also a neat solution to contain dust. By separating the different facility compartments, these solutions stop tiny airborne particles from entering or leaving.


People have learned their lesson dearly. Even after the whole Covid-19 situation calms down, the way we interact with the outside world is going to change forever. People are going to be ever more conscious about what they eat, who they interact with, and definitely where they go. So, the retail front needs to step up their game too.

By utilizing products like Plastic Strip Curtain Doors, showrooms can amp their hygiene game without compromising on aesthetics. These doors serve an effective barrier to fumes, dust particles, noise, and drafts. Similarly, with showrooms, you also always have to take extra care of the temperature to make it more pleasing for people to come in. When used in temperature-controlled environments, Plastic Strip Curtain Doors help you to save thousands of dollars every year on energy bills.


Gymnasiums have been reported to be one of the most suitable environments for coronavirus to brood in. All over the world, gyms have been shut down for months now, and many business people are incurring losses. It’s guaranteed that even when the situation eases down, people will feel reluctant to visit gyms.

So, the best gymnasium business can do is create a safe and sound environment for its customers. For this, you can select from an array of products that won’t only make your gym hygienic but also make it look more professional and neater at the same time. Room Divider Curtains, Vinyl Curtains, and Roll-up Curtains are just a few examples of products you can use at your gym. These help in efficient partition of your gym’s section, which then contributes to managing crowd and lessening the rate of people bumping into each other all the time. The flexibility these curtains provide is tremendous, with easy customization available for any environment and dimension.

In the face of the fatal Covid-19 disease, TRAX extends its gratitude and support to everyone battling from the frontline or their homes. As it has always been, our commitment to provide you with top-quality products that don’t compromise on sanitation and hygiene will never falter.

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