Top Investment You Can Make in Your Business with Trax

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Many believe that physical retail is dead. The brick and mortar business model is finished. All the reports, experts, and surveys point towards this.

Brick and mortar stores had already been struggling to stay afloat as e-commerce giants like Amazon rose to prominence. Even the big guns like Walmart and Tesco are following in its footsteps to grapple with the situation. 

To make matters worse, the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way consumers shop. As people grew wary of going outside and shopping in physical stores, Amazon’s net worth quadrupled overnight.


And it’s evident that it will be a long time before people come to a physical store to shop. Now, they have newfound safety from a deadly virus and the comfort of their homes to shop from.

So, how can brick and mortar stores deal with this? It has become imperative for store owners to continuously evolve and experiment, amp their sanitization and safety game, and most importantly, revive the tradition and joy of going out and shopping. 

In this blog, we will tell you about a few of Trax’s products and benefits that will help you achieve all that. Here’s a list of a few top investments you can make within your business with Trax.  

Mobile Clean Rooms

To put it simply, mobile cleanrooms are personalized modular hard wall clean-fitted within a movable steel structure or a trailer outfitted as a clean room. 

In essence, they function similarly to a traditional cleanroom. The main differentiator is that these are way cheaper than the traditional ones. With the recent pandemic, the need for mobile cleanrooms has surged dramatically in physical stores and facilities. 

Mobile cleanrooms are well-known for their ability to restrict the extent of airborne particles entering the enclosed space quite significantly. Likewise, they also double as a strong defence against the chemical and biological factors, foreign particles, and residues. 

Cleanrooms also help to regulate the temperature within the space to maintain optimum levels—putting less strain on your heating/cooling equipment and reducing the bills. 

The portable cleanrooms are also a great and viable option for stores that want to create a temporary space and move the space to another part of the area without compromising on the safety, sanitization, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness. 

Strip Curtains

Strip curtains are economical strip doors that can effectively distinguish the work environment at your facility. Due to their cost-effectiveness, strip curtains were for long product choice for maintaining safety barriers while being on a budget. 

With the loss businesses are facing, in addition to the heightened need for them to play up their sanitization game, strip doors have become more relevant and imperative than ever. 

These strip curtains are transparent in color and come in three unique styles: Teardrop Edge, Econo, and Full Rib. 

Thus, they will not impact or hinder your brick and mortar store’s appearance at all. If anything, these curtains give a very minimalistic and sophisticated vibe. 

Strip curtains are also known for their ability to form a fool-proof barrier against pests, insects, birds, flies, vermins, and the potential germs these creatures carry. Who knew a single bat could shake up the world so bad? 

Lastly, these curtains are also capable of regulating the temperature. In the summer, it will keep the atmosphere cool, and in winter, it will make the space cozier. Thus, your dependency on external equipment to regulate the temperature will be lessened. As a result, your energy bills will stay low. 

Thus, it’s safe to say that mobile cleanrooms give an elevated amount of control on the day-to-day functions of a physical store. With the benefits of competency, compliance with regulatory standards, and efficiency, it’s a no brainer that mobile cleanrooms are an excellent investment. 

Air Doors

For any business to sustain and thrive, the investment needs to yield a handsome return. An example of one such smart investment is air doors, also called air curtains. 

To put it simply, air doors are aerodynamically crafted continuous broad streams of air distributed across the doorway of an enclosed conditioned space. They function as invisible barriers that isolate adjoining areas. 

Trax’s air doors are used in several different industries like cafeterias, distribution centers, bakeries, and commercial kitchens. Why? Because the benefits are many. 

For starters, these doors create an invisible door that blocks the outflow of indoor air and an influx of external wear. Thus, it means the usage of your heating and cooling equipment will be diminished. Tentatively, air doors will reduce the electricity bills by at least 30%. Studies have shown that air doors will definitely pay for themselves and return the investment handsomely in three years. 

Air doors are also super helpful when it comes to easing up the sanitation process. They are capable of preventing pungent smells coming from the outside, while simultaneously forming a protective barrier against dust, pollen, and fumes. 

Another benefit of air doors is that they virtually take up no floor space. Thus, they will not obstruct and hinder the different processes being carried out in your brick and mortar store. 

Freezer Strip Doors

Freezer strip door is yet another smart investment to make in a brick and mortar store, especially in the food and drink or pharmaceutical sector. If you have one of these businesses, you probably know the hefty bills walk-in freezers are capable of producing. There’s no way of cutting corners and saving money either. 

That’s where freezer strip doors come into play. These lightweight partitions can effectively double as excellent temporary walls within the freezer, enhancing the functions of the freezer while at it. 

Overall, the strip doors will maintain the cool temperature by insulating the freezer. There are other benefits too. For instance, these curtains lessen the energy bills by preventing heated water, decreasing coil icing, and the overall need for energy maintenance. Thus, in our calculation, freezer strip doors will help a business reduce at 30-40% of the electricity consumption. 

These strip doors also will extend the amount of money you will shell out on cleanliness and maintenance. For a controlled environment like a walk-in freezer, professionals charge anywhere between $200-600 for a single freezer. 

Lastly, by maintaining stable temperature and protecting against the health hazards caused by fumes, extreme temperature, dust, and germs, freezer strip doors help to create a safer environment for your workers. Now what can be a better investment than that?

Environmental Cost and Conclusion

Among the four of the Trax’s products we mentioned above, all of them have at least one thing in common—energy efficiency. 

Now, energy efficiency, of course, helps you save the money on hefty bills, which will eventually help you reduce cost and receive better ROI. 

But what about the environmental cost?

We all know that today’s consumers are very conscious and wary about a brand’s stance on issues relating to the environment and sustainability. Several surveys have denoted that consumers will happily part ways with brands that do not commit to environmental issues or do their part. 

Thus, it has become more important than ever to reduce the carbon footprint of your brand. That way, you will benefit yourself, your company, your consumers, and most importantly the environment. 

And Trax’s products help you do just that by increasing the efficiency of your equipment, lessening your dependency on them, and ultimately help you leave only a green footprint. 



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