What exactly is a Laser Barrier Curtain?

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In order to enclose the lasers and beams of your workplace in a specific and potentially hazardous area, laser barrier curtains are a must. These curtains are ideal for containing lasers and beams to a specific area so that they are completely enclosed. In addition to that, these industrial curtains also allow safe observation of lasers from the outside or nominal hazard zone. However, laser barrier curtains aren’t manufactured to replace laser protective eyewear or other laser safety products. The use of components like absorptive polycarbonate fillers in these curtains offer greater laser protection from the area with activated lasers and beams.

Applications of Laser Barrier Curtain

At Trax Industrial Curtains, we manufacture high-quality laser barrier curtains that offer protection from harmful high temperatures and stray beams. The application of these curtains ranges in a number of industries ranging from industrial manufacturing to medical facilities.

Here are some of the applications of the laser barrier curtains:

  1. Laser Control Rooms
  2. Surgical & Hospital Operating Rooms
  3. Industrial Manufacturing
  4. Military Testing
  5. Dental Operating Facilities
  6. Laser Window Treatments
  7. Electronics manufacturing facility

What are laser barrier curtains made with?

Laser barrier curtains are equipped with polycarbonate filters that allow easy and effective absorption of lasers and beams. These curtains are supported with the use of barrier frames which are made with durable, coated metal tubing. The barrier frames protect the curtains from deterioration and dissemination of laser reflections.

Trax’s laser barrier curtains are constructed from heavy-duty double layer fabrics in either black or light gray colors. The standard and heavy-duty designs come with a variety of simple attachment hardware to develop custom solutions that are tailored for your requirement. They are manufactured to perform where a true laser barrier is required. In addition to standard and heavy-duty formats, our laser barrier curtains are also available in cleanroom grade. All laser barrier materials are ASTM E84 Class 1 Flame Spread and Smoke Density rated to meet industry standards.

Laser barrier curtains come with their own set of section. The materials used in the laser barrier curtains must be standardized in accordance with the protection levels from the lasers and beam. For instance,

  1. 200W per centimeter squared with a beam size of 5mm for 100 seconds.
  2. 300W per centimeter squared with a beam size of 5mm for 100 seconds.
  3. 2500W per centimeter squared with a beam size of 5mm for 100 seconds.
  4. 10000W per centimeter squared with a beam size of 5mm for 100 seconds.

Features of Laser Barrier Curtain

With the rapid development of industrial and technological sectors worldwide, the demand for laser barrier curtains is growing exponentially – thanks to their impeccable contribution in preventing and minimizing workplace hazards. Here are some of the features of the laser barrier curtain:

  1. Laser barrier curtains stop stray laser plume inside the constrained area and prevent the beams from escaping.
  2. Laser barrier curtains protect the onlookers outside the laser room from requiring PPE.
  3. Laser barrier curtains block lasers with a maximum irradiance level.
  4. Laser barrier curtains act as a safe passage and a danger sign to prevent unwanted entries.
  5. Velcro attachments enable the laser barriers to connect modularly to each other.
  6. Laser barrier curtains are flexible to be mounted or suspended on a wall, ceiling, or any other.

Create your configuration

You will always know your facility better than any laser barrier curtains expert. That is why we believe that your facility doesn’t need to be changed to be in alliance with our curtains. Instead, we will configure and create tailored curtains that suit your facility the best.

Laser barrier curtains systems range from a simple free-standing rectangle to a full, free-standing enclosure that spans from ceiling to floor. Rolling laser barriers and laser partitions can be joined to make laser-safe temporary work areas. Similarly, windows can be covered with laser shades or laser blocks to ensure complete beam protection.

Laser barrier curtains also are made with their own special set of safety measures. For example, curtains can be ordered with laser warning signs customized to your specific setting. You can also install free-standing laser enclosures for situations where a laser is not used every day.

The following are some of the many ranges in the custom configuration:

  1. Window covering curtain
  2. Floor attached curtain
  3. Wall attached curtain
  4. Custom enclosure curtain
  5. Ceiling attached curtain
TRAX data center containment solutions are currently being used by some of the most recognized names in the high tech world.
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