Laser Barrier Curtains: The Key to Preventing Accidents in the Workplace

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Laser barrier curtains protect equipment and people from accidental laser beam exposure. With their help, you can carry out safe operation of laser equipment and maintain a safe working environment. Direct exposure to a laser beam can lead to skin and eye damage. Skin exposure to these radiations may cause swelling and mild reddening, charring, or blistering. The degree of harm will depend upon the radiation wavelength, duration of exposure, and the amount of radiation that gets absorbed. Laser barrier curtains can minimize or eliminate potential hazards that can result from direct laser beam exposure. They are made using absorptive polycarbonate filters that effectively contain laser radiation and provide greater laser protection to workers. These curtains are supported with barrier frames that contain durable coated metal tubing that prevents the dissemination and deterioration of the laser reflection. So if you want to maintain a secure and safe work environment you should get laser barrier curtains installed at your workplace.

Benefits of Laser Barrier Curtains

Let’s have a detailed look at the benefits of laser barrier curtains and how they can enhance the safety and security of your workplace.

Safety Compliance

Laser barrier curtains are a must in any area where laser beams are used. American National Standards Institute and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have set certain standards when it comes to using laser beams. These regulations make it important to follow the safety measures that prevent exposure to hazardous laser radiation. With the help of laser barrier curtains, you can adhere to these safety protocols and maintain laser safety at your facility. These curtains are made from highly durable materials that can withstand laser beam intensity, like heavy-duty fabrics embedded with laser-resistant substances or metal. Laser safety curtains can be used to mitigate workplace hazards.

Mitigation and Risk Assessment

Laser barrier curtains mitigate risks by acting as a physical barrier between the sensitive equipment or personnel and the laser source. Regulatory agencies recommend various industries that use laser beams to follow engineering control methods, like laser barrier curtains, to ensure compliance with important safety regulations. They mitigate risks associated with laser operation and ensure the safety of workers. Laser barrier curtains diffuse or absorb laser radiation, minimizing the risk associated with reflective hazards. By controlling the laser beams’ reflection, these curtains enhance safety in laser environments.

Usage in Different Settings

Laser barrier curtains can be used in a wide range of settings where laser beams are used. From manufacturing sites to research laboratories, window treatment facilities, and surgical operating rooms, laser barrier curtains are used everywhere nowadays. In clinics and hospitals laser barrier curtains are used to create controlled laser treatment areas and protect equipment, patients, and workers from the risks associated with laser beams. In manufacturing plants and industrial facilities, these curtains help protect equipment, workers, and surrounding areas from laser radiation exposure. The materials used in these curtains are standardized based on their protection levels from the lasers and beams.

Types of Laser Barrier Curtains

Let’s take a look at different types of laser barrier curtains.

Freestanding Laser Barrier curtain

Freestanding Laser Barrier curtains are single movable barriers designed to contain laser radiations within the designated area. They protect the workers from the harmful effects of Class 4 and 3B lasers. They can be easily relocated and you can position them wherever you want.

Two-Fold Laser Barrier curtain

They are compact and portable laser curtains that you can carry wherever you want. They are mostly used in areas where laser is not used on an everyday basis. You can fold them and carry them even in your bag.

Enclosed Laser Barrier curtain

If you want maximum protection against the beams and laser, an enclosed laser barrier curtain can be your best choice. These types of curtains wholly enclose the designated area and their access points are shared grommet overlap or rigid magnetic doors. The folding feature of this curtain makes it very popular and convenient.

Custom Configurations

You can also get the laser barrier curtains customized as per the requirements of your facility. Some of the custom configuration options that you can get include ceiling-attached curtains, wall-attached curtains, window-covering curtains, and floor-attached curtains.


Laser barrier curtains should be a must in any area that requires safety from harmful laser beams. They protect the onlookers observing the work that is being carried out from outside the laser room. These curtains are very flexible and can be easily mounted or suspended on the wall, ceiling, or any floor as per the preference of the installer. Laser barrier curtains range from a free-standing enclosure to a simple free-standing rectangle. You can choose the curtains based on your facility’s requirements. If laser is not used at your facility every day you can get free-standing laser enclosures installed.




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