Maximize ROI With Controlled Environment

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A business won’t be around for a longer time if there’s only cash outflow but no inflow. In the beginning, when you’re just starting out, it’s completely normal, and that’s what happens with everyone. But after a certain point in time, your business should also start earning revenue, right?

Making a decent profit may sound far-fetched for now, but if you lay the foundation for it in the beginning, you can reap your sweet harvest, aka return on investment (ROI) in no time.

A controlled environment is more complicated than one might think. From temperature control to maintaining a top-notch environment, many factors come into play when creating a controlled environment. There’s no doubt that it will increase your overhead costs significantly, but don’t worry just yet.

In this blog, we’ll tell you how to maximize ROI with a controlled environment.

But first, here are a few examples of a controlled environment:

  1. Transport terminals
  2. Hospitals and health centers
  3. Retail fronts
  4. Warehouses and cold houses
  5. Pharmaceutical industry
  6. Hotel kitchens

Well, there’s no one particular method or secret formula to calculate how much ROI you can get from a controlled environment. But several products that go into the making of creating a controlled environment are known to have cost-reducing benefits.


PVC Strip Doors


In the US, it has been made compulsory that all walk-in freezers and coolers created on or after January 2009 must have spring-hinged doors, strip doors, or other means of mitigating infiltration when doors are opened. While there are many advantages of strip doors, like increased sanitation and employee comfort, the one that stands out the most is its ability to block about 70% of the air passing through doorways, which helps you save thousands of years ever year on energy. Since these curtains are available for a fraction of the price of what a brick-and-mortar wall would cost, it’s a great cost-effective option out there.


Freezer Strip Doors


All of the businesses we have mentioned above and many others require a walk-in freezer, although we mostly only associate them with the hospitality industry. Freezer strip doors are lightweight partitions that serve as sturdy temperate walls.


To paint you a picture, let’s assume you have a 6×6 walk-in freezer. On average, it will cost you about $225 for the month’s electricity. Likewise, a 10×12 model will set you back around $435 a month. Several studies have shown that freezer strip doors will reduce electricity consumption by 30-40%.


So, even if we assume that the electricity saved is about 30%, you will be saving $882 and $1566 respectively every year.


That’s awesome, right?


Moreover, it’s not just electricity bills that you will save money on. Since these curtains boost the level of sanitation by manifolds, you won’t have to hire professional cleaners, who charge about $200-$600 per session, often to clean your freezers.


Air Doors and Curtains


Available in both heated and unheated variations, Air doors and curtains are some of the most versatile equipment used in a controlled room. Used in various scenarios, from heavy machine facilities to bakeries, these curtains help to curtail the hot temperature and regulates it. Thus, it removes the need for extra temperature regulation and devices required for it—ultimately helping you cost on electricity bills and new purchases. Also, these curtains are suitable for pest control in most premises—ranging from 3’ drive-thru window to 30’ high dock doors. That once again means you won’t have to be too dependent on exterminators and professional cleaners to maintain the hygiene standard of your facility—saving you a couple of thousands of dollars every year.

For any business to thrive, it is imperative that the amount you spend results in a higher income. Air doors, also known as air curtains in some parts of the world, are an example of one such investment. But first, what exactly are air doors?


Data Center Curtains


This doesn’t even have to be justified. It is well-known that data center curtains have helped companies across the globe save thousands and millions in terms of energy consumption. These curtains are capable of entirely isolating hot or cold aisles to drastically increasing cooling abilities while reducing energy bills. This may not seem much at first glance, but when the amount adds up over several years, you’ll be saving an of money. Available in flexible strips and soft wall panel formats, our curtains have been customized to provide the highest cooling efficiency for you.


Industrial Wall Curtains


Industrial Wall Curtains are known to be one of the most versatile products that don’t only protect your environment from several contaminants and infections. Still, they will help your company go green in the long run by reducing the decreasing energy footprint. These curtains are capable of creating entirely isolated paths for cold and hot air—eliminating the need to cool or heat unnecessary areas. These curtains also help towards the efficient organization of storage facilities, helping you reduce your energy consumption and bills eventually.

These are just a few examples of how the different components of a controlled environment help you accelerate ROI on your controlled environment. In addition to reducing the bills on energy, sanitation, and pesticides, a controlled environment provides a safe and sound vicinity for employees to work in. It, in turn, helps to reduce potential hazards, increase their work productivity, and speeds up the entire manufacturing processes and other functions.


The Payback Duration


Like we said above, there’s no definitive way to crack how much ROI can be made by optimizing your controlled environment (unless you’re a math genius). But several reports claim that the total energy and construction savings culminate to a probable one to three-year payback from just air curtains in comparison to a permanent and expensive solution.


So, if just air doors are capable of that much magic, imagine how much ROI would you make from an optimized controlled environment?


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