Retractable Industrial Curtains and its benefits

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Retractable Industrial curtains play an integral part in every manufacturing industry. It shelters the workplace from unpredictable hazards. Be it workplace accidents or the prevailing epidemic like coronavirus; every industry needs retractable industrial curtains for their workplace for safety measures.

An alternative to fixed walls, these retractable curtains offer portability with flexible adjustments and are economical for industries in the manufacturing sector.

So, what are the applications for the retractable industrial curtains?

Encasing the welding areas

Welding releases harmful fumes that can cause every sort of illness to everyone who is in the nearby vicinity. Even though the welder uses precaution but the ones in the workplace nearby will be exposed to the fumes. So, the use of retractable industrial curtains will keep the fumes and sparks for welding enclosed in the welding area only.

Wash bay area

Industries do need to clean their equipment and vehicles from time to time; in fact, some require a daily wash. While cleaning the vehicle with high-pressure water, the wash bay area needs to be enclosed with a retractable curtain so that the water splashing off the vehicle doesn’t damage any electrical circuits nearby.

For Paint and Spray Booths

The paint fumes contain toxic chemical substances which are harmful to everyone who is not wearing the required standard masks. Thus, retractable curtains section off the painting and spraying booths from warehouse areas.

Confining areas in the workplace

The workplace requires more delicate care where cleanrooms are necessary. Along with the cleanroom, retractable industrial curtains made up of heavy-duty PVC is a must while confining the cleanroom.

Benefits of Retractable Industrial Curtains


Safety is the first and foremost requirement in every workplace. Jobs in most industries need to be performed daily even if they are loud, dangerous or messy. Putting up these retractable curtains can lower the chances of accidents and confine noise from the rest of the workplace. A retractable curtain can keep the welding and spraying fumes from leaking. Also, if in any condition the smoke does fill the confined place while working, one can draw up the retractable curtains and use it as ventilation.

Also, the retractable PVC curtains can prevent transmission of harmful airborne particles from the outside area.

Efficient in Energy Savings

Most industries finance huge sums in maintaining temperature control in the workplace. With the retractable curtains, the savings on the cost of energy can be done by separating the conditioned and non-conditioned workspace.

For instance, if your workspace requires a warmer climate than the rest of the rooms, then retractable curtains can confine the designated area and keep the air from going out. Same can be done when a cold room is required. A retractable curtain helps in maintaining the necessary temperature required for the area, which makes it efficient in energy savings.

Easy to Use

Using retractable industrial curtains is easy as they fit neatly on every kind of custom or tailored hooks. Also, they are easy to clean. A simple wipe down of the curtains by a wet towel will do the job. Suppliers will provide the pull-stick if the curtain height is unreachable for an average-sized person.


Some projects in the workplace require utmost secrecy or privacy. Visitors from outside can know what you are up to if there are no blinds to hide the designated workplace. That is why the importance of retractable curtain plays is in keeping things private and secret.

Minimizing Cost

It is expensive to build walls in a warehouse every time there’s a need for compartmentalization. Putting up a concrete wall takes time and money while being not so portable. However, a retractable curtain is cost-effective and takes no time in putting up.

Options are Available

Retractable curtains come with several options. You can customize it according to your desired configuration. Consult with your curtain provider on the dimensions you require for having a retractable curtain in your workplace.

What to Consider When Buying Retractable Industrial Curtains?

When it comes to selecting retractable industrial curtains for your work setting, taking in all the information about the material, dimensions, and additional features can be daunting.

However, you still need to take these things into account as they directly impact the day-to-day workflow.


The material that goes into the construction of retractable industrial curtains is an important parameter to consider. For instance, the curtains you’ll need for a walk-in freezer will be quite different than what a warehouse needs.

Most retractable industrial curtains are made with vinyl, fabric, polyvinyl chloride, wood or other lightweight substances.


As for the dimensions, most often, height, width, and thickness are measured in English units like feet (ft.), inches (in.), or metric terms like millimeters (mm) and centimeters (cm).

Specific Features

With new advancements in the technology, most retractable industrial curtains come with extra features for added value. Some are precisely designed to be used in clean room applications or environments. On the other hand, some are fire-rated or sound rated.

The insulated ones feature additional gapping or material to provide insulation. At the same time, the roll-up partitions are mounted right above and can be rolled up to open to a divided area.

Lastly, specialty and proprietary retractable industrial curtains are also available depending on the client’s needs.

Types of Retractable Industrial Curtains

There is a wide range of options to choose from for retractable industrial curtains—from something simple and lightweight to heavy-duty and advanced options.

Mesh or Security Partitions

As the name gives away, these curtains are made with mesh. They are usually used as dividers to secure an area or entryway. 

Laser Curtains

These curtains are specifically designed to absorb and diffuse laser beams. That’s why they’re made with heavy-duty double layer fabrics in both standard duty and heavy-duty designs.

Additionally, our laser curtains are ASTM E84 Class 1 Flame Spread and Smoke Density rated to comply with all quality standards.

Curtain Walls/Divider Curtains

These curtains act as temporary and flexible barriers to separate one work area from another. They are often hung from the above and come in either clear or solid colors.

Welding Curtains

These curtains are constructed to isolate an area to ensure the worker’s safety from weld-flash. Welding curtains are self-supported and can also be more portable than hanging curtains.

Refrigeration Curtains

Refrigeration curtains are designed with materials that remove the loss of cold air that occurs when a worker opens or closes traditional refrigerator doors. These curtains don’t only help to reduce electricity bills but also eliminate the chances of product spoilage and buildup of frost on coils.

Airport Draft Curtains

These curtains are used it airport baggage handling operations around the world to offer protection from the elements to the passengers. They’re made with proprietary Tear Drop Edge material which is best known for its longevity and resistance to tearing.

Clean Room Curtains

Clean room curtains serve as an economical alternative to overpriced hard-wall structures without cutting corners. They are available in a broad range of materials like strip, vinyl, or plastic.


Yes, the retractable industrial curtain is the best alternative to a concrete wall. It outstands concrete walls in most areas and is suitable for industries like manufacturing. The fact that these curtains are retractable makes the deal even sweeter and offers much more benefits than the non-retractable ones. If you are into aesthetics, then ask for the color and material variations on these curtains.

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