Personal Safety Barriers by TRAX Industrial Products

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If there’s one thing that has brought the 21st century down on its knees, it is the coronavirus pandemic. Even though millions of lives have been impacted by this deadly disease so far, there’s no known ‘right’ cure to stop this. Billions across the world are shut down in quarantine, but that’s not as easy as it looks. To make the general public’s life in isolation comfortable, several industries have been working day and night, no matter how grim the outside world is.

The essential workers, whether they are working in hospitals, supermarkets, or the manufacturing industry, are putting their lives at stake to make sure that the pandemic doesn’t cause any inconvenience to the public. Thus, they deserve every possible method of personal safety barrier to protect them while they are protecting us.

Here are a few responsible measures businesses can take to encourage hygiene and eliminate the spread of coronavirus in the workplace:

Strongly advise unwell staff to work from home

With Covid-19, there’s absolutely nothing that we can leave to chance. If you have any employee showing the slightest symptoms of common flu such as sneezing, sore throat, coughing, and congestion, make sure to strictly encourage him to stay in self-quarantine at home for at least two weeks.

If your employee is showing signs of acute respiratory illness, you may also be required to make sure that he receives the necessary treatment at the right time. If he is only showing mild symptoms and the signs reduce within 48 hours without any symptom-altering medication, he may be able to come to the work.

But remember, many who have contracted coronavirus are asymptomatic, meaning they didn’t show signs at all even after being infected.  

Introduce strict sanitization protocol at workplace 

Several studies have shown that merely maintaining good hygiene practice can significantly reduce the chances of coronavirus outbreak. So, strongly encourage your staff to make no compromise when it comes to maintaining hygiene. Send out reminders to wash hands as soon as they enter the workplace in the morning and periodically throughout the day. Place automatic sanitizer ger dispensers at several locations throughout the workplace.

Also, remind staff to refrain from physical contact like shaking hands whenever possible. At uncertain times like this, it won’t come off as rude and is very understandable.

Make provisions for staffs to work remotely

Even if there are very few coronavirus cases where you currently operate, the numbers can escalate sharply in a matter of a few days. So, prepare for the worse. If it is possible for your employee to work from home, encourage that and make sure the workspace is not very crowded.

Also, if any of your staff contracts coronavirus or comes in contact with anyone who has it, it’s very likely that your business will be promptly forced to work remotely or even cease operations.

Here are some steps you can undertake to prepare for such events:

Configure remote login platforms for both company and personal laptops.

Configure phone extension options to enable open and interrupted communication and the transfer of phone calls to remote devices

Prepare off-site time recording program for staffs to accurately log their working hours to ensure accountability

Install live chat platforms on staffs’ computers and mobile phones to enable prompt, efficient communication

Plan for the future

Unfortunately, Coronavirus, or Covid-19, isn’t the world’s first pandemic or last. We never know when we are going to be hit by another one. Foresight and planning ahead can not only save lives but also won’t hamper your organizational efficiency.

Especially, if your industry demands higher hygiene practice, like the hospital & healthcare or food & beverage industry, it is worthy of investing in specific systems, layouts, and automation that can reduce the spread of pathogens and harmful bacteria.

Here are some products from Trax that can contribute to safety barriers so that your industry can once again operate and continue to serve:

Personal Safety Barriers

Personal safety barriers are a crucial form of protection now during the time of Covid-19 outbreak and potentially the best investment to protect from other viruses and bacteria in future too. Having the right protection safety barriers in the right place for people in physical communication or any frontline workers should be on top priority to stop the spread. Keep yourself and your staff safe while maintaining the ability to continue working.

PVC Strip Doors

Strip doors not only reduce your bills by minimizing loss of cold or hot air but also facilitate the seamless passing of workers, machines, and vehicles. Thus, these curtains contribute to making the entire workspace organized while also effectively acting as a barrier against dust and pollutants. These strip doors also do not facilitate the growth of bacteria and mold on its surface, reducing the amount of effort required to keep them clean and sanitized.

Trax’s Double-layered curtains

Designing the layout of your workplace’s various sections using Trax’s double-layered curtains will effectively block dust, fumes, and other external contaminants. Moreover, these curtains can be bought for a meager price when compared to the cost of brick-and-mortar stores. Double-layered curtains are also highly needed in specialized areas that require laser-based technologies, which will ensure the safety of your employees.

Clean Room Curtains

At Trax, each cleanroom curtain is custom-made for each controlled environment application. These are pocket-friendly substitutes for hardwall structures, offering you greater flexibility. Since it is made with heavy-duty materials, these curtains can give your workplace more excellent protection against dust and different pollutants, while also barring the entry of insects and germs.

These are just reflective of other various products that Trax offers, which can be used to create a productive controlled environment. Don’t forget to check the catalog to order custom-made products for your workplace.

Personal Safety Barrier


Despite all the uncertainties, one thing is sure—this too shall pass. However, it’s never too early to invest in protective personal barriers for your employees within the workplace to not only mitigate the coronavirus risks but all other potential threats. Meticulous planning and preparation, heightened sanitization protocol and heeding government direction can be pivotal in assisting your business to remain efficient and uninterrupted even during the hardest of times.

Trax would like to extend best wishes to everyone that’s suffering from this pandemic in one way or the other. Sooner or later, we are going to overcome this battle with coronavirus.

If you would like to invest in worthy and reliable curtains and equipment to increase organizational efficiency and hygiene, don’t forget to contact us today for a free quote.   


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