Strip Curtains Can Be Used as Personal Safety Barriers 

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The new normal following the pandemic is not going to be easy. We were so used to throwing caution to the wind, but now, all of a sudden, we have to be careful about where we go, what we eat, who we meet, and even what we touch.

Hygiene, sanitation, and personal safety have become the new hot topics for everyone to talk about and rightly so. We can no longer take these things lightly. And now that’s where strip curtains come into play. We have all heard so much about wearing masks and PPEs, but we don’t know that personal safety barriers aren’t just limited to these two.

There are various other options and methods to practice personal safety barriers, and strip curtains are one such perfect alternative. But before we answer why, let’s see what exactly are strip curtains.

Strip curtains are cost-effective strip doors that can effectively separate the work environment while reducing costs at the same time. For long, strip doors were the answers to a wide range of economic problems, but their importance in maintaining safety barriers has come into light as well.

They are typically used to form segregation between two areas. Whether those two areas are two completely different sections of a warehouse, a cold area, a room temperature area, or simply indoors and outdoors. Some places where strip curtains are extensively used are kitchens, warehouses, and factories.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into what makes strip door curtains eligible to be used as personal safety barriers.

Strip Curtains are Transparent

With so many people working on each side of the room, it’s almost impossible for them to see what’s going on the other side. If you can’t see, there’s definitely going to be a lot of bumping on each other, collisions, and even accidents. Strip door curtains eradicate all of those problems as they are transparent. If someone needs to go from one room to another, even from far, they can see what’s going on, if anyone is coming or so. That way, there will be no unnecessary contacts and collisions, removing the worries about contaminating each other!

Strip Curtains Control Pests and Germs

Little did we know that an innocent-looking bat would wreak such havoc to shake up the whole world. Pests and birds can pose potential threats. These threats are even magnified in specific industries like food and pharmaceutical, where contamination of one product will lead to throwing away the whole batch. Strip doors create a foolproof barrier against birds, vermin, insects, flies, and other pests from entering your facility.

And how do strip curtains prevent that? Strip curtains provide a layer of protection where possible none existed prior to it. For example, if you have an open door or a standard shutter, it will take quite some time to close after the forklift or vehicle has entered—sending out invites to all kinds of pests and germs.

Strip Curtains Prevent Air Pollutants

After over six months since the coronavirus was first reported, it was discovered that this deadly virus could even travel through the air. That sounds scary, right? Fear not—strip curtains will restrict the movement of air pollutants as well. Whether it is dust, dirt, draughts, fumes, or smoke, strip doors form a proper barrier to protect your facility and employees against all air-borne dangers. That is because, with strip doors, you can cover all door openings, whether it is big or small while ensuring easy pass-through by employees, transport car, or even a forklift.

Strip Doors Create Department Areas and Allow Easy Access

With any facility, there will arise an inevitable need to divide the areas. For example, just the production unit can be designated to one section, while the distribution channel in the other one. Strip doors will help create different parts within a single unit; it will also significantly contribute to social distancing for your employees. So, if you need to gain access to a specific area, it can be a real hassle if there are too many walls and doorways. Instead, you can simply use strip door curtains. These curtains will offer the distancing and privacy required from room to room, while also facilitating the arrival of forklifts and other types of machinery seamlessly.

Strip Doors Increase Comfort for Employees

Now you may be wondering what’s comfort got to do with forming a protective barrier. The thing is comfort has got everything to do with that! From regulating the temperature to maintaining an easy access and natural light to your facility, from removing the tensions of pests and air pollutants to facilitating the coming and going within the facility, strip doors help ramp up the sanitation and efficiency of any facility tremendously. In turn, that will help your employees work in an organized way while maintaining proper social distancing to ensure good health and operations simultaneously.

Strip Curtains Are Cost-Effective

The pandemic has already taken a toll on the world economy, and we have officially entered a pandemic-induced recession. Experts believe that this turmoil will be even more devastating than the recession of 2008. With months of the shutdown, it’s already hard for businesses to stay afloat. Several companies have liquidated, millions of staff were laid off, and the money supply is tight. In such a condition, it’s not possible to take drastic measures to change the workflow to maintain distancing and hygiene, as that will cost several thousand dollars. What you can do is switch to strip doors as they are very economical, in addition to offering all the benefits we have mentioned above.

At TRAX, strip doors come in three different styles. They are Econo, Full-Rib, and Teardrop Edge. All three designs are formulated in standard and low-temperature formats. So, it is no wonder that these curtains do not create a favorable surface for germs and bacteria to grow.

We offer the most comprehensive array of plastic curtains for warehouses and other facilities. Contact us today for a quote, and we would love to customize these curtains to meet every single requirement of your facility.

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