Things To Consider Before Installing Clean Room Curtains

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Clear vinyl cleanroom curtains are installed to create air barriers in cleanrooms. These curtains are made from special materials that do not particulate. Clean room curtains are an effective way to keep any space clean and free from any kind of contamination. Clean room curtains have become wildly popular and can be seen almost everywhere, from hospitals, warehouses, and offices to many other diverse areas. The main purpose of installing clean room curtains is to offer a convenient and easy solution to separate two spaces. They prevent the conditioned air from escaping, thus helping you manage utility costs. These curtains are made from high-grade Polyvinyl chloride plastic strips. They are transparent, thus they help prevent workplace hazards.

You must keep a few things in mind before installing PVC strip curtains.

Choosing the Right Type of Clean Room Curtains

Clean Room curtains offer a lot of benefits. You can choose from a variety of clean room curtain styles available in the market. 

  • Strip Doors

Strip doors are made from heavy-duty polyvinyl plastics, and they are about 8 inches wide. These strip curtains are ideal to install in warehouses where light carts and forklights operate. Strip doors are durable and flexible enough to resist wear and tear, even after using them for years. These curtains come in various colors and thicknesses. However, buying the 8-inch wide curtains is recommended for better durability.

  • Sliding Track Curtains

If your requirement includes installing movable curtains, then you must go for sliding track curtains. They require suspended hangers from trolleys, which can roll inside an aluminum C-channel. These curtains are user-friendly, and one can open them fully inside-out. It is recommended that you consult your maintenance staff or contractor to put them up properly. 

Soft Wall:

Soft wall panels are transparent polyvinyl clean room curtains offering a lot of flexibility. These curtains are ideal for manufacturing units.

There are many other types of cleanroom curtains available in the market. It is better to discuss your specific needs and requirements with your contractor before choosing them. 

Pick the Right Grade of PVC Curtain

Before purchasing a PVC strip curtain, tell the supplier or seller about your intent to buy the curtain. Your supplier can then help you pick the right grade of the curtain which suits your requirements. For instance, if you wish to buy an industrial curtain for a cold storage area having a temperature below zero degrees, then you will have to pick a curtain that is specifically designed for low temperature areas. Similarly, there are various grades of PVC curtains for various purposes. You must check their functionality, utility, and durability before buying them.

Hire A Professional To Install PVC Curtains

Professional PVC curtain installers have the right equipment and tools that are required for installation. Though installing PVC strip curtains is not very difficult, those of you who do not have experience might find it a difficult task. It is also important to follow the instructions correctly to avoid errors and unexpected losses. In case you plan on installing the curtains on your own, it is recommended to watch a lot of videos and read the instruction manual diligently. By hiring professionals, you will not have to worry about any damage or improper installation.

Right Clean Method

PVC strip curtains are not very difficult to maintain. However, it is important to clean the curtains every once in a while so that they look neat and shiny. If you have a business that involves heavy traffic of individuals and machines, you must keep the PVC curtains free of dirt and dust all the time. All you need is to clean the curtains with lukewarm water and a soft cloth. This will also create a good impression on visitors.

The Cost-Effectiveness of PVC Curtains

PVC strip curtains or warehouse curtains are a cost-effective solution for various applications. The installation charges for PVC curtains are negligible. They are exceptionally durable and resistant to wear and tear. They also withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy and rough usage. Thus, these curtains are suitable for use in various environments. In warehouses or any other large workspaces where operating and maintenance costs are high, PVC strip curtains are a budget-friendly option. They prevent loss of heat and help prevent straining your HVAC systems. With their help, you can prevent putting a strain on your HVAC curtains, too.


Industrial curtains offer various benefits in different applications. PVC strip curtains are one of the most efficient, effective, easy-to-install, and cost-effective solutions for maintaining ideal temperatures. They help enhance the safety of employees and promote a hygienic and clean environment. Business and factory owners should invest in PVC strip curtains for efficient space utilization. If you are looking for a long-term durable and cost-effective solution for separating spaces, opt for PVC strip curtains today!


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