Tips for Maintaining and Extending the Lifespan of Industrial Curtains

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Industrial curtains are the most efficient way to protect and separate spaces in your industrial plant, warehouse, and distribution center. They offer security, privacy, and cost-saving benefits. With the help of industrial curtains, you can create a more efficient and safe workplace. Most industrial curtains are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), fabric, wood, vinyl, or other lightweight materials. They offer the convenience and versatility needed to streamline your operations. However, depending on the environmental conditions and the area where they are being used, industrial curtains may collect mold, debris, dust and other contaminates on the track, surface, and edges, affecting the cleanliness of the workspace. So you must clean them regularly and take steps to maintain them. You would be glad to know that, like other curtains, you can clean industrial curtains easily and extend their lifespan. 

Maintenance Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Industrial Curtains

If you want to continue using industrial curtains on a long-term basis, you must know how to clean and maintain them. Let’s take a look at a few maintenance tips that will keep your industrial curtains looking as new. 

  • You must follow a regular cleaning schedule for effective long-term use of your industrial curtains. Go through all the instructions provided by the manufacturer before cleaning them to ensure you don’t damage them in the process. 
  • Use “Simple Green,” a specially formulated cleaning product for industrial curtains. This cleaning material won’t harm the PVC vinyl from which your curtains are constructed. Many people make the mistake of using a solvent-based cleaner to clean their industrial curtains, which ultimately takes a toll on their curtain’s lifespan. A solvent-based cleaner can cause great damage to the vinyl material of the industrial curtain.
  • Use a non-abrasive MILD detergent if you find oily film or excessive grease on the curtains. You’re advised to test a small piece of the industrial curtain with the cleaning agent before cleaning the entire curtain.
  • You should also inspect your industrial curtains for any kind of wear and tear. Ensure there are no heat damage, debris, rips, or punctures to ensure your and your staff’s safety.
  • Keep sharp and pointed objects away from your industrial curtains, as they can tear away the curtains, rendering them ineffective at blocking the radiation and harmful fumes from workers nearby. 
  • Improper installation can adversely affect your industrial curtains’ life. If the installation of the industrial curtain has not been done properly, it could fall off or tear during use. By falling off unknowingly, they can even hurt your staff. It is therefore, important to properly install industrial curtains to ensure they work optimally and keep everyone safe.
  • Check the hardware and track to see if they are functioning optimally. The curved and straight track allows the industrial curtain to slide along so that it can be partitioned the way you like and moved wherever you want. If you detect any kind of issues with the functioning of the industrial curtain you may have to get the track or hardware replaced. 

Things to Avoid to Enhance the Longevity of Your Industrial Curtains 

  • Don’t use incorrect cleaning agents, as they can cause damage to your industrial curtains. You should always use cleaning agents formulated for these curtains. Simple Green is one of the best products to clean your industrial curtain. 
  • Never neglect cleaning, maintenance, and inspection, as they are vital aspects to keep your industrial curtain looking new. 
  • You should be very careful while stacking and folding the industrial curtains. Improper storage can lead to folds and creases, leading to immense damage to the curtain. 
  • Never get the industrial curtains installed by inexperienced professionals, and follow the installation guidelines of the manufacturer. Improper installation can cause many problems, such as uneven hanging and reduced effectiveness. 

How Long Do Industrial Curtains Last?

Industrial curtains could last a lifetime, depending on how and where they are being used. If you do proper care and maintain your industrial curtains, they will last for a long time. Most industrial curtains are made from vinyl or PVC, which is very durable. Check the hardware and track on a regular basis to see if they are functioning optimally. If you detect any issues with your curtain, get them resolved immediately. 


If you want your industrial curtain to last a lifetime, you must follow the maintenance tips mentioned above and avoid making mistakes that can adversely affect your curtain’s longevity. Inspect the curtains regularly to ensure they are working optimally, and there are no potential issues with their functioning. This will help create a secure workplace environment that keeps you and your staff members safe from unexpected hazards. 

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