Airport Draft Curtains

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Irrespective of the region or the time of the day, every airport sees tens and thousands of passengers every day, and even more so, their luggage. Innumerable luggage is transported, checked and transferred to the respective owners every day. This mammoth of a task requires a great number of human resources coupled with a streamlined method and equipment. Several types of equipment ,including carousels, sortation devices, and auxiliary equipment come into play. Among these, Airport Draft Curtains are one of the auxiliary equipment that helps to fulfil this task in a hassle-free way.

What are Airport Draft Curtains?

Airport draft curtains are an essential barrier in typical conveyor operations that deliver a pleasing aesthetic finish to public-viewed wall openings in the airport. These draft curtains are conventionally mounted in wall openings where baggage conveyor pass from public areas to non-public areas.

Two rows of overlapping, opaque (typically black) vinyl strips are fixed to the top of the wall opening using a metal frame. The curtains generally feature a double thick, ball-like vertical edge, which helps to the strips to hang straighter, seal better, and last longer. This arrangement helps baggage to pass through easily while blocking the public view into air-side operations and obscuring airflow exchange between the two areas.

Airport draft curtains come with a set of an advantage other than the aforementioned function. They help prevent the luggage from water, dust, noise, and harmful fumes. Thus, these are used at airport baggage handling operations across the globe to offer safety from the elements and safety for travellers and their luggage. From London’s Heathrow Airport to Dubai International Airport, airport draft curtains are aiding some of the world’s busiest airports to streamline their fleet of luggage efficiently.

There are several airport equipment companies that specialize in manufacturing airport draft curtains. Some even have their own proprietary method and materials to create bespoke, exclusive curtains. For instance, US-based Trax Industrial Company has developed its own Tear Drop Edge material, which is claimed to last 50% longer than flat plastic strip material.

What factors to consider?

While the price differs from supplier to supplier and is mostly based on your customized requirement, there are several other factors that need to be considered before you make this investment. Here, we have listed six of these factors.


Durability is easily one of the most important factors to consider since you will be making a considerable investment in airport draft curtains. Widely used in conveyor applications and airport baggage handling, these curtains must me made of opaque black material that needs to be around 8″ x .080″ thick. Also, they should be resistance to tearing so that they last for a longer period.

Easy Installation

You wouldn’t want the types of curtains that are very complicated and hard to install. In that case, you will need to call a specialist even in case of just a minor issue. The curtain material should be supplied with a variety of attachment materials like lightweight anodized aluminium and a mounting system that is easy to install.

Availability of Replacement Strips  

It is vital to ask your supplier if they provide cut to length replacement strips for existing curtains in standard black or any other preferred formats. Whether the cost of these replacement strips is added in the final price or you need to pay extra for them should also be taken into account.

Availability of Test Data

Make sure to ask your supplier to provide test data in regards to longevity, tearing-resistant, and anti-static properties among others. Also, inquire about the flexible vinyl materials or any other materials used in the making of the airport draft curtains.

The Credibility of the Company

While there are many producers and suppliers in the market, only go for those that can provide test data in regards to their curtains. Some may even offer prices that seem too good to be true but make sure that you are a part of an extensive consultation where they acquaint you through the experience-based design process to create the most beneficial solution for your project.

After-sales Service

Whether it is a routine preventative maintenance check or solving a major technical issue, the way your supplier handles after-sales engagement is very important. While some companies work closely with the clients to allow their team to better gauge the health and performance of their equipment, some suppliers do not entertain these kinds of requests.

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