Laser Barrier Curtains

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 When it comes to enclosing the lasers and beams of your workplace in a specific area, the laser barrier curtain is what you require. These laser barrier curtains provide custom enclosures for lasers from the rest of the room. They also provide a safe observation of lasers from outside the nominal hazard zone. The use of elements like absorptive polycarbonate filters in these curtains provides greater laser protection from the workplace. Areas like industrial manufacturing, laser window treatment facilities, surgical & hospital operating rooms, military testing, and electronic component making facility have wide use for the laser barrier curtains.

The laser barrier curtains have their own set of standards in the section. The materials used in the laser barrier curtains are standardized according to their protection levels from the beams and lasers such as

  • 200W per centimeter squared with a beam size of 5mm for 100 seconds.
  • 300W per centimeter squared with a beam size of 5mm for 100 seconds.
  • 2500W per centimeter squared with a beam size of 5mm for 100 seconds.
  • 10000W per centimeter squared with a beam size of 5mm for 100 seconds.

 What consists of the Laser Barrier Curtain?

The Laser barrier curtains come with polycarbonate filters made for easy absorption of the lasers and beams. The curtains are supported with the use of barrier frames which are made up of durable coated metal tubing. This barrier frames prevent the deterioration and disseminate the laser reflection.

 Features of Laser Barrier Curtain

With the growing number of installations of cleanrooms in facilities, there is an uprising need for the Laser Barrier curtain in preventing any workplace hazard that might occur accidentally. Some of these features are mentioned below:

  1. First and foremost, the laser barrier curtain stops the stray laser plume inside the confined area and prevents it from escaping.
  2. The curtain protects the onlookers observing from outside the laser room.
  3. The Laser Barrier curtain is flexible enough to be mounted, suspended on the ceiling, wall or any floor as required by the installer.
  4. It also acts as a caution sign for any wanted or wanted entry and creates a safe passage.

 Where can the Laser Barrier curtain be installed?

The Laser Barrier curtain ensures the Class 4 and Class 3B laser beams to be encapsulated in a particular area, be it laboratory or medical facilities. These areas are sensitive places, thus the need for laser barrier curtain acts as a passive guard to enclose the particular area preventing any laser radiation to affect the onlookers from outside.

Ranges of Curtain System for Laser Barriers

Usually, the range of these curtains are the standards set according to their protection level. However, there are several designs which are available in relation to their usability. Here are some:

Enclosed Laser Barrier curtain

These types of curtains enclose the designated area wholly and are used for maximum protection against the lasers and beams. The entry or access points of these Barriers can be a rigid magnetic door, shared grommet overlap, 9/18-inch Bypass, Velcro, Zipper – Both magnetic and Half Zip. These offering of various access points makes this enclosed laser barrier curtain an easy choice.

 Freestanding Laser Barrier curtain

The single movable free-standing curtain has a single curtain installed on a flex guard steel frames which easily prevents class 3B and Class 4 lasers in the area.

 Two-Fold Laser Barrier curtain

The Two-Fold Laser Barrier curtain is a compact, portable laser barrier curtain and can be packed easily inside a carry bag. The setup for this kind of curtain is really quick and is mostly used as a temporary laser barrier curtain. The folding feature of this type of curtain makes it one of the most selling curtains.

 Custom your own configurations

Your facility is your own so, we do believe that your place doesn’t need to be torn down or modified in reference to the need for laser barrier curtain. So, we provide a wide range in configuring the curtains as per to the place’s needs. Following are our few of many ranges in custom configurations:

  • Wall attached curtain
  • Floor attached curtain
  • Window covering curtain
  • Ceiling attached curtain
  • Custom enclosure curtain

 We believe in providing only the top of the line- certified laser barrier curtain and have been doing so for years. The laser barrier curtains have been a product of choice for our customers and bring us great joy in priding ourselves with the safety assurance and great usability brought by these curtains.

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