Three Great Use Cases for a Mobile Cleanroom

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In simple words, mobile cleanrooms are either a customized modular hard wall clean fitted within a portable steel structure or a trailer outfitted as a cleanroom. In essence, these mobile cleanrooms are the same as the traditional cleanrooms, but these are portable – thus, serving higher functionality and ease of use. Normally used in manufacturing facilities or scientific labs, a mobile cleanroom is a controlled environment that has a significantly lower level of pollutants like airborne microbes, dust, aerosol particles, chemical, and chemical vapors. As the world continues to grow more and more advanced industrially every day, the application of mobile cleanrooms has grown dramatically. Practically, these cleanrooms are imperative and used in every single industry where even small particles can seriously affect the manufacturing processes and pose serious hazards.

Especially in industries like food processing, pharmaceuticals, and electronics, it is crucial to keep the products and processes clean and uncontaminated. Similarly, personal protection from hazardous substances and the environment needs an effective defense against chemical and biological substances. Regular clothing will expose the products or processes to material particle shedding, foreign particles, and residues. Depending on the nature of your facility, we offer a comprehensive selection of mobile cleanroom apparels and accessories that are made to be used in the environment that require high standards for particle and microbiological contamination control.

Use Cases of a Mobile Cleanroom

Mobile cleanrooms are especially suited for quick cleanroom solutions. For example, mobile cleanrooms are perfect for laboratory work and for the production and assembly of small assemblies. But that being said, mobile cleanrooms are also equally important and applicable to various large-scale industries. Here we have listed three great use cases for a mobile cleanroom.

For laser applications

The dangers that an exposed or unattended laser beam poses are known to everyone. It can be life-threatening if an unqualified person enters the laser-activated area or if the laser escapes the room. Thus, it is critical to make sure that the environment is properly sealed. Mobile cleanroom curtains are manufactured with high-quality, ESD safe materials that will effectively block the laser lights and confine them within the designated room. Similarly, in environments where the laser beams are activated, it is extremely important to make sure that there aren’t other chemicals or pollutants present – air purity is a must. The air purity for a laser application isn’t just needed for the number of particles in the air or on surfaces, but also for the composition of particles and cleanliness of air contamination.

For medical facilities

There are important differences between a general cleanroom and a mobile cleanroom specifically designed for manufacturing of medical devices and optical products. Mobile cleanrooms for medical facilities must be designed to control both airborne pollutants, which are highly damaging for hard drives and microchips, in addition to microorganisms that must be controlled to avoid the risks of contamination and ensure patient’s safety. For instance, a mobile cleanroom in which medical OEMs produce spinal implant technologies should display immensely low bioburden rates, in addition to a restricted number of airborne particles, Due to the increasingly regulated industry, medical device manufacturers are forced to build a new cleanroom or upgrade the existing one to comply with new standards. Thus, in these cases, mobile cleanrooms are most useful.

For aerospace companies

The aerospace industry heavily depends on the mobile cleanroom environment and its state-of-art enhancements to conduct experiments in addition to creating items like space-flight lasers. To create highly specialized aerospace tools like lasers need a controlled environment so that no pollutants or contaminants can compromise the tools that are used in the product or the manufacturing process itself. In the case of space-flight lasers, absolute and complete accuracy is essential. Thus, there is no room for compromise. In cases like these, mobile cleanrooms will not only serve as a designated and separate area but will also prevent all kinds of pollutants to enter the mobile cleanroom, while containing the laser beams within the confined space. 

Advantages of Mobile Cleanroom

In addition to the aforementioned applications and several others in different work areas, mobile cleanrooms come with a set of advantages in comparison to a traditional and stationery cleanroom environment. The following are some examples:

  1. Based on process requirements, size and features can be customized individually. For example, a black design or a flap to close.
  2. It is cost-efficient and a viable solution for companies that only have temporary use requirements but do not want to compromise on quality.  
  3. It offers the same solutions as a firmly installed cleanroom but is portable as well.
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