Curtains For Industry

Fully custom Manufactured products


Specializing in data center containment, clean room curtains, laser barriers, curtain walls, strip doors, airport draft curtains, TRAX takes pride in fabricating custom products to fit the specific needs of each and every application presented to us by our customers. The product is then delivered in a timely fashion at a reasonable price. Using UPS as our standard carrier, all orders are received no more than five days after they are shipped, at a low negotiated price.

In business since 1978, TRAX uses materials of the highest quality and can provide test data in regards to anti static properties and flame spread capabilities for all of our flexible vinyl materials.





Data Center Containment Solutions


TRAX hot aisle/cold aisle data center curtains are the industry leading low cost containment solutions. TRAX provides multiple customizable formats to meet the requirements of any facility.



Clean Room Curtains

TRAX softwalls and strip curtains provide an economical alternative to high priced hardwall structures without compromising results. 



Laser Barriers

TRAX Laser Barriers provide industry leading protection from potentially harmful high temperature and stray beams.


Curtain Walls

TRAX Curtain Walls are used in a variety of industries to effectively control environments, preserve energy, provide safety and prevent contamination.




Plastic Strip Doors


TRAX Strip Doors can be used to effectively control temperature, dust, drafts, noise and fumes in a wide range of industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and retail establishments.

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Airport Draft Curtains

TRAX Airport Draft Curtains are being used at airport baggage handling operations around the globe to provide protection from the elements and safety for passengers.


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Other Product Offerings

In addition to manufacturing Industrial Curtain products, TRAX also provides Welding Screens & Curtains, Bulk Roll Materials, Back Flow Valve Covers, and Air Doors / Air Curtains.