What Are Industrial Curtains And Why Are Industrial Curtains Important?

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Industrial curtains are also known as warehouse curtains. Industrial curtains are popular in the manufacturing sector since they are very versatile. They are made from long and narrow PVC plastic sheets and are used in the place of doors or any other opening to prevent heat transfer from one area to another. These curtains are heavy-duty and flexible. They fall seamlessly together to create a partition. PVC is considered a good heat insulator; hence, the partition prevents the heat from dispersing whenever it is placed over an opening or doorway.

Why Should You Install Industrial Curtains?

As the curtain sheets are made out of PVC, they are very flexible and can be easily pushed through by a pedestrian or a vehicle. Once a person or vehicle passes through, the individual strips fall back into place to create a partition wall again. Thus, these curtains allow quick access from one place to another while adhering to safety and health standards.

Warehouse curtains are extremely useful in manufacturing plants, especially food processing and packaging units since they need different sections for ambient temperatures. For example, if chilled products are stored in one section and condiments are packed in another, both these sections will need different temperatures. Despite having different temperature requirements, these sections will need easy access between them for smaller vehicles and pedestrians to pass through. Industrial curtains are a great way of providing continuous access while preventing heat transfer.

What Are The Common Uses For Factory Plastic Curtains?

The primary purpose of installing industrial curtains is to create a convenient partition without using a conventional door. But there are a few other reasons why industrial curtains are useful.

  • There are several reasons why you might not want a conventional door and would prefer PVC curtains. The main reason is that PVC curtains offer a lot of convenience when you experience foot traffic moving in and out of a specific area or section. In some cases, machines have to be moved through various entrance points, meaning a standard door would be less convenient and practical. These curtains are commonly used in hospitals, auto repair shops or car garages, restaurant kitchens, supermarkets, manufacturing plants, and distribution centers. 


  • PVC curtains are great tools to separate any two areas. PVC curtains are see-through, which means you can see what’s going on the other side all the time. This also allows natural light to pass, thus reducing the need for powerful artificial lights. 


  • PVC curtains can also help you maintain a specific temperature in a room. They retain warmth or coolness in any location. Thus, they are commonly used in freezer rooms within supermarkets and restaurants. They prevent the cold air or warm air from leaving the room.


  • Opening and shutting conventional doors is time and energy-consuming and poses some safety hazards. There are chances of people jamming their fingers between the door or injuring themselves while pushing or pulling the door open. On the other hand, PVC curtains enable individuals to simply walk through them and brush the curtains aside without posing any injury risks.


  • These curtains also prevent unwanted visitors like insects, birds, or pests from flying inside and creating chaos. Similarly, they will also prevent contaminants, dust particles, fumes, or any other elements from entering inside. Thus, PVC curtains effectively reduce all kinds of pollution from entering any area or section.


  • Industrial curtains are one of the cheapest kinds of barriers that cost less than conventional industrial doors. Unlike conventional doors, they don’t wear down easily and require little maintenance. Thus, you can avoid spending on maintenance costs.


  • PVC curtains can also help keep workers warm during the winter months. They effectively prevent warm air from escaping and cold air from entering inside.

  • When it comes to energy conservation, PVC curtains can be very effective. They save a lot of energy, especially in industries and factories where there is a lot of transportation equipment involved. These curtains minimize energy wastage and help you save on energy bills. Strip curtains also have the capability of withstanding extreme temperatures. These curtains are a great option as they don’t have any adverse effects on the environment. They help you maintain consistent temperatures and can also help to save energy and retain heat in the long run.

Conclusion: PVC strip curtains or industrial curtains can be used in various settings. They offer a host of benefits like convenience, ease of passing by, maintenance of ideal temperature, low energy costs, noise reduction, reduction in accidents, and increase in workplace safety. They are extremely easy to clean and require less maintenance. If you’re looking for an ideal and economical solution to separate different areas at your workplace, industrial curtains can be an ideal pick. 


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