What are Pass through Chambers?

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Pass-through chambers, also called pass-through cabinets, pass-through windows, or pass-through boxes, are specialized entry systems through which you can pass different materials.  

More specifically, pass-through chambers are essential for transferring materials into and out of your cleanroom environment. This ensures that employees do not need to enter and exit the room to gown. 

These chambers cut down significantly on unnecessary traffic, reducing contamination significantly. They have an interlocking door mechanism that offers protection against potential airborne contamination. It also provides an efficient and effective way to transfer materials without spending time in the gowning process. 

Pass-through chambers are crucial in manufacturing facilities or laboratories that require sterile or clean rooms for research, manufacturing, or assembling of a product. 

Here, we outline the pass-through chamber selection criteria and the reasons you should have them.

Cleanroom Pass Through Chamber Selection Criteria

When choosing a cleanroom pass-through chamber, there are a few factors to consider: 

  • Size
  • Material of construction
  • Features 
  • Mounting options 

Size Criteria

Pass-through chambers come in different sizes depending on the needs of your clean room. You should select their inside depth, width, and height depending on the size of materials that will pass through it and also the available space. 

If you choose the right pass-through chamber size, it will fit correctly and reduce the risk of failure or leakage.  

Material of construction

Well-designed pass-through chambers are made of durable, rugged stainless steel, aluminum, polypropylene, steel, and acrylic to withstand constant use.  


The two main features that define pass-through chambres are doors and a maintenance-free interlock mechanism.

It’s crucial to choose pass-through chambers with standard features that meet the industry requirements. For example, interlock features ensure only one door is open at a given time, segregate what’s inside the chamber and prevent airflow that could contaminate the controlled environment. 

Other features include Electrostatic Discharge Control(ESD) which minimizes and eliminates static charges, and air showers which clean particle contamination.

Mounting options

Different mounting options define how the pass-through chambers will be installed and used in the cleanroom.  

The most common mounting options are wall-mounted pass-through chambers and floor-mounted pass-through chambers.

Now that you’re well acquainted with pass-through chambers, let’s look at the benefits.

What are the Benefits of Pass-Through Chambers

Pass-through chambers play a vital role in any cleanroom area or controlled environment. 

Adding a pass-through chamber to your clean room environment offers an easy and efficient way to move materials and equipment into and out of the room. 

Here is a summary of the benefits Cleanroom Synergy offers. 

  • Reduces Foot Traffic

Perhaps, the most remarkable benefit of a clean room pass-through chamber is that it reduces foot traffic. 

By eliminating unnecessary personnel entry, the risk of contamination is significantly reduced while improving employee safety.

  • Increased Safety

Cleanroom pass-through chambers feature double door designs and built-in door interlocks that allow only one door to open at a given time. This keeps contaminants out of the chamber, enhancing personnel and equipment safety.

  • Easy to clean

Cleanroom Synergy pass-through chambers feature industry-leading sanitary compliance designs that are easy to clean, significantly reducing contamination. 

  • Can be customized

Many pass-through chambers can be made according to your specifications and requirements, allowing you to have the one that suitably fits your needs.

You should choose the best pass-through chamber that meets your cleanroom needs, whether you need a chemical-resistant chamber, a fire-safe option, or one that has a blower with High-Efficiency Particulate Air(HEPA).

  • Full range of sizes and materials that meet any application

Clean rooms pass through chambers come in different sizes and materials, ensuring you get the best fit for your specific needs. 

Most Common Industries that Use Cleanroom Pass through Chambers

Many organizations, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, regularly use clean rooms in pass-through chambers. Here are the popular sectors that have embraced pass-through chambres:

  • Research facilities. Researchers often study unpredictable and new chemicals and substances. Since some chemicals are volatile, they must pass through the fire-safe pass-through chambers for safety. 
  • Medical and pharmaceutical cleanrooms. Laboratories, especially in hospitals, deal with highly contagious substances. Hence decontamination is a top priority. The working environment must remain sterile. 
  • Technology and electronic manufacturing Cleanrooms. Manufacturing of electrical and technological devices like computers and smartphones leads to the emission of small dust particles and other contaminants. 

Therefore, these manufacturing facilities must have highly monitored and strict pass-through chambers to maintain the sterility required to produce quality electronic products. 

Final Words

Pass-through chambers are crucial components for any cleanroom.

They help you maintain high cleanliness and safety standards in your cleanroom while increasing productivity. 

If you’re considering having a pass-through chamber, you can talk with our expert to find the perfect solution for your clean room. 

We manufacture and stock several pass-through designs for different applications. Give us a call today.

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