Why Should You Install Strip Doors In Your Facility?

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There’s no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc in most businesses across several industries. Today, companies are grappling to stay afloat while also maintaining utmost hygiene and efficiency without breaking the bank.

So, if you’re looking to optimize your facility with an economical and hygienic option that will enhance efficiency by several folds, this is the right blog for you. 

Strip doors, also known as PVC strips, vinyl strips, and strip curtains, are among the most widely known choices for businesses that are looking for reliable yet easy-to-use and power-efficient curtains/doors for their facilities. 

It’s assumed that strip doors are only used by restaurants and godowns for their cooler and freezer applications. But that’s far from the truth. The need for strip doors isn’t just limited to eateries and godowns. They’re used in an array of industries across several verticals. 

Strip doors are the holy grail answer for a wide range of problems ranging from traffic flow, cost, and partition to isolation, sanitation, and efficiency. 

This article will discuss the top six reasons you should install strip doors in your facility. 

So, if you are on the fence about whether or not to invest your money in it, make sure to go through these pointers below and decide for yourself! 

Save Energy Cost 

Strip doors are low-maintenance, durable, and cost-effective. They’re also one of the cheapest ways to prevent energy loss in a controlled temperature environment like a cool room or a freezer. To put it simply, they will help you keep the place cool during hot weather. 

For instance, even an air-conditioned building with open doors will have heat and/or cooling loss. And strip doors will help mitigate it. Why? Because a strip door is practically ‘always closed.’ How? That’s because a strip door only opens to the size of the object entering or leaving compared to traditional doors that have to open completely every time. 

Thus, PVC strip doors will save you thousands of dollars in energy costs by reducing the loss of cool or hot air at unprotected openings. In fact, strip doors can save around 80-90% of air loss that happens with a conventional door when they’re left ajar. 

So, by ensuring an easy pass-through of workers and objects alike without the occurrence of heat/cold loss, strip doors help in saving energy costs. 

Even more, stabilized air temperature promotes separation and hygiene. And we all know how important that is in the covid era. 

And not just energy costs, strip doors help to cut costs in other departments too. For example, refrigerated areas have stable temperatures. This directly leads to: 

  • Less shrinkage 
  • Less product spoilage 
  • Less frost buildup on coils
  • Less wear and tear 
  • Less maintenance cost 
  • More energy efficiency 
  • More temperature control 

Contain Noise And Odor 

So, another excellent benefit of strip door curtains is that they tremendously help in containing noise and odor. In essence, the correct positioning of strip doors in any facility will help to reduce noise and smell – directly enhancing the worker’s wellbeing. 

Several studies have shown that strip doors can contain noise from workstations, equipment, and loading docks by up to 17 decibels! That’s quite a lot. When employees are consistently susceptible to noises and pungent odors, there’s no doubt they will become disoriented and unproductive. 

By using strip doors, what you can do is contain the noise or odor to a small, specific area – providing peace of mind to your workers everywhere else. 

Another lesser-known but highly effective use of strip doors is containing the outside noise and help create a peaceful and inviting area for your customers. 

Helps In Pest Control 

Bugs, birds, dust, and other pollutants are the last thing you’d like to enter your facility full of products and equipment, right? Luckily, strip doors are perfect for keeping these unwanted guests at bay! How? Strip doors are designed to allow people to quickly move in and out without pests and birds trailing behind them. 

Strip doors create an effective barrier against vermin, birds, flies, and insects without having to prevent natural light or the efficiency of having an open door. More minor pests like bugs, insects, and mice cannot push the curtains aside as they’re too heavy for their petite bodies. The same applies to flies as well. 

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that we should never take hygiene for granted. Who knew a creature as unassuming as a bat could turn our world upside down. 

So, strip doors are positioned as cost-effective yet straightforward barriers that offer an extra layer of protection that possibly didn’t exist before. For example, if you had a standard shutter or an open door that closes only some time after the forklift/vehicle has passed, it’s an open invitation to all the pests in the vicinity.

Enhances Employee Comfort 

Strip doors are easy to pass through. Your employees won’t have to push and pull gigantic doors or shutters. Likewise, the temperature and humidity are consistently maintained at a comfortable level. So, in a nutshell, strip doors help in enhancing employee comfort. 

In other words, by keeping the temperature and humidity under check in an economical manner while maintaining effortless access and natural light to your facility, the level of employee comfort is naturally increased. 

Likewise, your employees can see what’s on the other side of the curtain, which directly helps prevent collisions and accidents. 

In turn, this leads to a better and more comfortable team environment – ultimately increasing the productivity level. 

Thus, today strip doors are used in virtually all industries across all verticals. Some of them are: 

  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurant and eateries 
  • Cold Rooms 
  • Butcheries
  • Hospitals 
  • Transport terminals
  • Industrial vehicles 
  • Warehouse distribution 
  • Retail
  • Clean Rooms

Saves Space And Easy To Install 

Unlike traditional doors and curtains available in the market, strip doors are hands down more space-saving and offer a great value at a more affordable price. They sure do look like curtains but provide all the properties of an ideal door – making them a perfect choice for buyers looking for a better option than the traditional curtains and doors in their facility. 

Similarly, strip doors are also extremely easy to install and use. You can install them just like you’d install regular curtains, and all of your cooling/sanitation issues will vanish in a jiffy. Also, besides being super easy to install, these strip doors are super easy to clean. 

Saves Product Integrity 

Just like people are susceptible to elements like rain and heat, so are the productions and machines in your facility. But don’t worry. Strip doors are extremely reliable options that offer matchless protection against natural elements. 

Strip doors offer an excellent barrier to preserve and improve the quality of all products inside your facility. Suppose they’re installed between outdoor and indoor locations. In that case, strip doors offer enhanced regularity with respect to humidity, weather, and temperature fluctuation. In terms of indoor locations, strip doors extend a more clean and sanitary environment for products and equipment that are significantly more susceptible to dust, dirt, and so on. 

You can even install them in AC rooms where you can’t install costly heat-trapping doors. 

So, if you are looking for a more durable and reliable choice than regular doors or curtains to better preserve product integrity, strip doors are ideal for you. 

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