Why Temperature Control Is Essential For Your Warehouse 

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Running a warehouse is no ordinary task since storing things the right way every single time takes a lot of thinking. These days, most warehouses have transformed into technologically advanced spaces that depend on a multitude of systems to guarantee the smooth functioning of the warehouse. 

And as industrial and strip curtain suppliers, we know that one process that is most of the time overlooked in a warehouse setting is temperature control. When handled incorrectly, this can lead to disastrous consequences. 

As outbound shipping continues to grow at a compound rate, it is crucial to understand the benefits of a controlled environment like temperature-controlled warehouses. There is a multitude of reasons why warehouse operations often end up needing temperature control at their facilities. Depending on your company’s industry, temperature-controlled warehouses are crucial for your everyday operations. 

It’s been well proven that temperature control is capable of making warehousing operations more effective and successful irrespective of what climate the warehouse facilities are situated in. 

In today’s blog, we will discuss some of the most fundamental reasons why temperature control is super crucial for smooth warehouse operation. 

Products That Need Temperature-Controlled Warehouse 

Temperature-controlled warehouses offer industry-specific solutions. The following are some kinds of product ranges that require temperature-sensitive solutions in order to fulfil the aspects of storing and shipping:

Perishable Food And Drinks 

Most food products available to us are subject to spoilage if refrigeration isn’t maintained. For example, food products like chocolate bars will naturally melt and lose their original shape if proper temperature control measures are not adhered to. Therefore, understanding the complex storage requirements of each food product becomes imperative as necessary temperature control methods should be employed. 


Cosmetic products are also prone to spoilage when exposed to higher temperatures. Thus, most premium makeup brands make sure to seek the assistance of temperature-controlled warehouses when it comes to storing and transporting products across the globe. 

Without the help of temperature-controlled warehouses, these kinds of goods cannot be delivered to the target audience in mint condition.


Supplements and essentials like vitamins need to be constantly refrigerated to sustain their medicinal properties and shelf life. Supplements also need special attention as consistent exposure to high humidity can spoil the products. 

Understanding The Functions Of A Temperature-Controlled Warehouse 

Temperature-controlled warehouses usually maintain a specific temperature by using the method of either heating or cooling. On average, the temperature maintained in these warehouses is estimated to clock in at around 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit. And these warehouses are usually used for storing temperature-sensitive products, in addition to the goods that require refrigeration in order to maintain quality standards. The environment maintained within a temperature-controlled warehouse makes sure that the shelf life of a product line is maintained and spoilage is prevented. 

6 Reasons Why Temperature Control Is Essential For Your Warehouse 

Profit Maximization And Customer Satisfaction 

If there are temperature-controlled warehouses in place, manufacturing companies can be well assured that the quality of the produced products is maintained at all times. As a result, the sheer potential of the concerned firm to maximize its profits also quite significantly increases. On top of that, more efforts can be made towards increasing production since the speed of storage and shipping is efficiently maintained throughout the process. 

As for final consumers, they can also obtain satisfaction from the fact that fresh products are being delivered to them. When it concerns dispatching perishable goods, the supply chain management system should be well oiled and functional since the time to meet consumer demands is constrained. And the assistance from temperature-controlled warehouses helps the companies buy some extra time without having to fret about damages and spoilages. 

Protects Goods And Lengthens Shelf Life 

Global trade of perishable goods would have been impossible if it wasn’t for the specialized cold storage warehouses. These storage structures allow the stocking of goods even during unfavorable circumstances. For example, we can take medicinal products that demand a particular atmosphere to be stored and shipped as they are susceptible to being degraded in effectiveness and quality in high temperatures. The services offered by temperature-controlled warehouses make sure that the product quality is not compromised even when the weather conditions aren’t favorable. 

On the other hand, several commodities that may demand higher temperatures for storage can also be fulfilled by availing the versatile services of temperature-controlled warehouses. And let’s not forget that these storage cells can also accommodate products that don’t require refrigeration as well. Hence, the sheer diversity of temperature-controlled warehouses makes it imperative in the supply chain. 

Improves Quality Of Air 

The air quality plays a crucial role in ascertaining the overall quality of the final product the consumer receives. And the temperature inside the temperature-controlled warehouse is altered in such a way that no external dust, pests, and pollutants can enter the premises. Therefore, products that are sensitive to these kinds of elements can truly benefit by availing the services of a temperature-controlled warehouse. Hence, it’s safe to say that competitive business organizations receive a complete return on the investment made with the help of these kinds of warehouses. 

And improved air quality isn’t just necessary to maintain the products. It’s equally important to maintain both your employees’ long-term and short-term health and their quality of life. 

According to a recent Harvard Business Review survey, the number one workplace wellness incentive employees requested was improved air quality. However, the choice for an on-site gym garnered only 16 percent of the vote, while air quality received 58 percent of the vote.

Increases Employee Welfare 

Working in a warehouse can be both mentally and physically daunting. Keeping track of what goes in and goes out, loading, unloading, and whatnot! So, it’s super important to create a conducive environment in the workhouse with employee’s comfort and efficiency in mind – and temperature-controlled warehouses do just that. 

Temperature-controlled environments protect employees from harsh weather conditions and increase their comfort level. The more comfortable and content the warehouse employees are with their job, the higher will be the turnover for the company. Thus, keeping warehouse temperatures under control during very cold or hot times definitely helps with employee retention. 

And it’s well-known that companies employing warehouse employees are subjected to the workman’s compensation expenses if their staff becomes injured or ill on the job. And since temperature extremes put employees at a higher risk of experiencing injuries like cold shock or heat stroke, temperature control helps to keep employees healthy and safe. 

Temperature control also increases the efficiency of warehouse employees. Your employees will experience less fatigue when working at a controlled temperature which ultimately boosts their productivity. 

Loading Docks 

Products must pass through warehouse loading docks on their way to shipping containers. Still, temperature control is critical in this region of the facility. Insulated curtains can be used to keep the temperature in this area as well as the rest of the warehouse at a comfortable level.

The retractable versions of our strip doors allow the ability to utilize the curtains as needed. For instance, retractable curtains can still allow for machining deliveries. 

Reduce Energy Bills 

Businesses cannot afford to ignore the expense of energy. The installation of strip doors at a workspace can help to decrease operational costs. Every workplace spends a fortune on heating and cooling to keep the temperature stable throughout the year. Therefore, installing a strip door, which serves as both a door and a barrier, reduces energy loss.

While conventional doors allow the air to escape, leading to higher costs of maintaining the required temperature, strip doors, and industrial curtains can prevent up to 90% of the air loss. That’s because these strip doors and industrial curtains are closed-only doors that cannot be left ajar like traditional doors. 

So, that’s the roundup of the top 6 benefits of temperature-controlled warehouses. 

And his is where our strip doors come in. 

TRAX’s plastic strip doors can withstand temperatures lower than most products in the market. That’s why they are ideal for helping regulate the temperature in your warehouse. In addition, you can use them across door openings as an economical yet effective way of separating 2 areas while at the same time maintaining accurate temperatures in both of the regions. 

They can also be used with the doorways of walk-in freezers and cold storage openings to enable people to enter and exit freely and keep noise and dust to a minimum. So, all in all, our strip curtains won’t just assist you in temperature control for the warehouse but many other areas as well! 

TRAX data center containment solutions are currently being used by some of the most recognized names in the high tech world.
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